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Why Qatar Is The New Holiday Hot Spot

When you say Qatar, you may think of Gaz, oil or even the world cup (World cup 2022 here we come!). However, did you think about it for your next vacation? It is one of the smallest nations in the gulf. However, despite its small size the country is full of adventure and luxury. This country is a natural mix of Middle Eastern culture and modern technologies and cultures. Experiencing this, this trip will be one you won’t forget.

Top 10 best luxury hotels in Dubai

If you are planning to spend unforgettable moments along the riverfront watching the sunset by the shore or if you are willing to activate your credit card in amazing shopping sprees, head to one of the best Arabic vacation destinations; Dubai. But before you embark on your trip, let me show you the top 10 best luxury hotels there.

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roula azrak 1 review
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The Peacock Throne by Visionnaire

In a strong statement of presence, the Italian design company Visionnaire a famous Italian company and a pioneering Meta-luxury ( using metal for luxury designs) design company, showcased one of their exquisite creations in the Salone Del mobile in Milan as a salute to nature and nature’s abundant elements of great inspirations.


GCC and arab world are known for its tropical weather and desert. Because of this, it is hard to grow plants and flowers that are delicate, need utmost care and water for survival. Xeorophytic are the type of plants living in the Arabian desert meaning they can adapt to living without big amount of water. 

Five best European style house design ideas.

What defines a European house and elevates it from the rest of urban architecture found on other continents? Well, to put it simply it is the design and style. In reality, the answer is much more complex. We find romantical elements such as arches made of stone, beautiful window shutters and rich details on the inside which includes ornamental ceilings.

The most expensive house in New Jersey on sale

Richard Kurtz, CEO of property management company The Kamson Corporation, purchased the 63-acre Frick Estate, formerly the home of the grandson of Henry Clay Frick, in 2006 and subdivided the land into several smaller plots.

Things To Do In Montenegro For Every Kind Of Traveler

You may not have heard of a small European country close to the borders of Croatia, called Montenegro. If you are about to book for a trip, then trust me when I tell you that this country is truly worth it. Between its stunning mountains and classy beaches, there are plenty of activities that suit every kind of traveler. So let me show you things I have done during my trip to Montenegro.


Impressive growth of GCC’s economy made England invest and broaden its partnership and strategic relationship. England’s tie up to GCC are not only on the economic factor; most especially because of oil and mining companies; not only on that, but on every sector of GCC including business, the government, and all the channels of the it’s society making every part prosper and grow more. With this type of relationship between, it is attainable that England’s architecture and design also affects the Arab world—making Arab world to build more English country house style, rather than sticking to it’s own modern and traditional way. 

Visiting the Architectural Design Delight Of Saudi Arabia: Al Ula

Saudi Arabia, a new force in the tourism industry, is home to a cultural and geographical diversity that is worth visiting. Saudi Arabia highlights spectacular nature, wonderful archaeology, historical treasures, and many other mesmerizing ends. Let us discover one of the most striking attractions in Saudi Arabia: Al Ula.