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It's time for a new normal. However, how do we get around it?

What is better than coming back home and jumping into your comfortable bed? Your bedroom, also known as your go-to space when you are tired, can be modern or traditional. It all depends on your preferences and the design of your home. Discover Casadar’s wide range of bed design ideas that include colors, lights, curtains and side tables. We warn you: our bed design ideas may leave you speechless!

What are the new trends in gardens lighting

In order to enjoy an outdoor dining experience with family and friends, outdoor lighting and garden living is becoming a must have in every Arabic home. Homeowners want to be able to entertain guests at any time of day or night in their backyard gardens, so they can enjoy its timeless beauty without feeling restricted to time. Having this in mind, below are some of the new trends in gardens lighting that offer the perfect lighting systems and landscape design experience for anyone looking to add this experience to their outdoor living space. 

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World’s Most Expensive House

Antilia is the world most expensive house, The cost of this residential castle was one billion dollars in one of the poorest capitals in the world. Today it's value is above $2.2 billion.

Warm up with your loved ones outside this winter!

Stay warm this winter with your loved ones and browse Casadar’s website to follow the latest news and updates to keep your indoor and outdoor areas look astounding. Have you ever thought that you can enjoy a serene atmosphere and a cozy ambiance despite the cold? Do not let this winter hinder you from adding a unique effect to your outdoor area. Follow us for more details.

Unique lighting ideas to elevate home style

When choosing the lights for your new home, be careful to be wise when choosing them, because little do we know how important lighting can be. It sets the mood, the vibe and affects us in a way we don’t know. If you are planning on furnishing your new home, this blog is the right one for you to guide you and give you the best lighting ideas to elevate your home style. 

Share Your Ramadan Decorations On Casadar

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This is the story of the Ramadan Lantern... Show us the preferred Fanous at your places. and your decorations for the holy month  this year on casadar.