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The Essentials For Smart Home

For many of us, smart homes are simply fancy, high-tech and expensive systems where light turn on or off in a clap. These are the homes for those who are insanely rich and don’t bother sleeping on the pile of hundreds of dollars. It is an elaborative way that Bill gates or Mark Zuckerberg might enter their home either doing a retina scan or through voice modulations. However, sorry to disappoint all those fancy thoughts we have, a smart home can easily be available for people with the limited money supply. 

New Trends in Decorating Offices

There are many uses of home office and isn’t a simple luxury anymore. You may bring your office at home so you must need a position to go through mail, bills or store significant paperwork.  Nowadays, working from home has become more than a trend.   Home offices with a stylish environment are a sum of all their well-designed and attractive elements. 

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roula azrak 1 review
Red Barrel 1 review

3 Tips To Perfectly Decorate Your Bedroom

When you have the perfect home, you also need to perfect bedroom. Your signature bedroom furn can be a rug, floor lamp, or a bed. Whatever it is, bedroom furniture always need an eye of an expert; however, you can also use your own experience with a bit of help from this article. You will be able to turn your bed into the star of your bedroom

Mirrors at Home!

Tips on Deciding Where and How to Put Mirrors Inside Every Room and What are the Different Types of MirrorsDecorating mirrors can add a unique dimension to the atmosphere of any room and make it appear larger. They are also excellent for improving the illumination in the room by reflecting the light. These are some of the easiest tips to keep in mind when you are searching for a decorative mirror for your home.

How to decide on your perfect bedroom furniture set?

We have often heard that what you wear, is a reflection of your personality. But have you heard that your bedroom too is the reflection of your inner self?

Why Hire A Home Design Professional Before Redecorating?

Have you been browsing endlessly through pinterest or interior design magazines in search for ideas to create a picture-perfect home? Does the idea of hiring a professional sound a little too expensive? 

5 Expert Tips for Designing a Bathroom Better

Planning on revamping your bathroom? Until and unless you are a professional who does it every day or a homeowner who has gone through the process of bathroom remodeling at least a couple of times, everything from choosing the tiles and color palettes to getting the coordinating accessories and furnishings will seem to be a never-ending struggle. 


Furnishing and designing kid’s room can be a little tricky but fun and exciting. Instead of hiring an Interior Designer or other expert, you can do it by yourself or even together with the kids as a sneaky bonding too. It can also be a self-discovery and exploration of your own craft and test your ability not only as the manager of the spaces in your home, but as a creative parent. Before anything else, you should consider the important elements that are needed in your kid's room. 

Should You Have A Jacuzzi Inside or Outside Your Bathroom?

When it comes to luxurious bathroom furniture like a jacuzzi, it is almost impossible to decide where to put it in your home. A jacuzzi can be showcased outside, next to your pool or be your escape from daily routines inside your bathroom. Both cases have its pros and cons; so, with this article, you will explore the reasons to have your jacuzzi either inside or outside your bathroom.


WHAT COLOR FITS YOUR BATHROOM? HOW DO YOU DECIDE ON THE SANITARY FITTINGS AND THE REST OF THE DÉCOR?Whether you are designing the interior of a new home or considering a bathroom remodel project, deciding on the right colors, fixtures and fittings can help to transform a bathroom from ordinary to stunning. Additionally, you should play with the available space and use it optimally to ensure that your bathroom has a nice and relaxing feel to it. Choosing a theme helps too!