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3 Things to Consider When Buying Small Kitchen Appliances

A new bride asks me for advice on choosing the right kitchen appliances. She wants to impress her husband with her cooking. After all, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

Italian Kitchen: What You Need to Know

When it comes to kitchen design, Italian style is always the best. Italy is known for its splendid kitchen designs aside from great furniture designs. Like philosophers, Italy has produced the best designers of all times when it comes to classy kitchen design.

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roula azrak 1 review
Red Barrel 1 review

Arabic & Mediterranean Style Kitchens

A kitchen is the heart and soul of the house and thus, it is important that it works both practically and aesthetically for our lives. Careful planning is required to ensure a beautiful and highly functional kitchen. Elegant, classy and timeless Arabic & Mediterranean kitchens have a distinct ambiance of their own. They combine luxury with elegance. Modern Arabic kitchen designs are a perfect combination of Mediterranean and Moroccan styles with a tint of modernization.

5 Modern Interior Design Tips To Create The Perfect Middle Eastern Design Project

Culture blended with furniture Wealth and luxury, simplicity and comfort... Welcome to the Middle East. Our modern interior design tips will help you achieve the perfect middle eastern design project for your house.What is better than a comfortable house that mixes modern and traditional decor? Are you thinking of renovating your house to give it a one of a kind look? From a low budget to a high one, we have got you covered! Let us guide you step by step to make sure that no mistake is made during this procedure.

Kitchen Essentials and Tips for Your First Apartment

Moving into your new apartment in college it as a newlywed can be exciting. Yet, it is a challenging time especially if you like to cook. You must think about the utensils, the machines as well as the ingredients you must buy. In this article, you will find a list about everything you need from appliances to utensils in your new kitchen. Get ready, you have to do some little shopping and preparation.

Why Hire A Home Design Professional Before Redecorating?

Have you been browsing endlessly through pinterest or interior design magazines in search for ideas to create a picture-perfect home? Does the idea of hiring a professional sound a little too expensive? 

How a Kitchen Island Can Level Up Your Cooking Game

A home is not complete without a kitchen and a kitchen is not complete without an island. Well, for some avid cooks, that is. For someone who’s very fond of concocting different dishes and baking delicious goodies, the importance of having plenty of surface area cannot be simply undermined. 

Aluminum vs. Wood: What’s best for kitchen cabinets?

Cabinetry is undeniably the most dominant element of a modular kitchen these days and its aesthetics determine the overall look and feel of the space. Apart from aesthetics, there’s a lot more that goes into choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets. Storage needs, functionality, durability and of course budget are some of the prime concerns of every home owner during the process of a kitchen remodel. 

Room-by-Room Interior Lighting Guide | Indoor Lighting Tips

We often underestimate the power of light design in changing how your home looks and feels. Beyond its aesthetic influence, the right lighting affects your mood and lifts your soul. Here is a room-by-room guide and some tips to follow.

The 9 Best Stainless Steel Cookware Sets For 2021

A full set of cookware is always a good investment whether you are setting up your new apartment kitchen or you just want to upgrade your cooking material or unify our mismatched pans. Picking out a set of cookware is often less work and much better value than picking out one piece at a time. Stainless steel is the material to go for regular housewives or for professionals. Stainless steel cookware unlike ceramic cookware is characterized by its durability, ability to brown meats and oven proof capabilities. Stainless pans may need a little more maintenance to remove stuck on food but after the maintenance it is new for their entire lifespan. If you're intrigued by a complete set, we've put together the best stainless steel cookware sets to help you choose.