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World’s Most Expensive House

Antilia is the world most expensive house, The cost of this residential castle was one billion dollars in one of the poorest capitals in the world. Today it's value is above $2.2 billion.

A Look at the Kim Kardashian's Latest House

On Instagram, Kim Kardashian posted several photos of her family’s house in California that was featured on the cover of Architectural Digest, which has been always her dream. What’s special about this modern design house is its minimal style. This design idea gives this home the beauty of simplicity. 

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This Gulf Heritage House Simple Design Pays Homage To The Past

The traditional buildings in the Gulf are intriguing due to the applied details and specific methods of construction. Why do the entrances have varying angles before leading to the court? How do the Barageel (wind towers) work? And why is the Majlis (guest’s room) located next to the entrance? What is the purpose of using multiple decorated openings in living rooms or bedrooms? The architecture of these buildings has been designed and built to cater to people specifically within a culture and its environment; the details of this society are reflected in the features of buildings. Distinguishing elements of traditional architecture can be identified in the traditional Gulf house around various parts of the Arab world. The astonishing traditional houses of ancient Bahrain, the charming houses in old Kuwaiti Fareejs, and the wind-catchers of the houses in Dubai’s Bastakia district are all examples of how architecturally forward the traditional Arabic house was. 

5 best European style house design ideas.

What defines a European house and elevates it from the rest of urban architecture found on other continents? Well, to put it simply it is the design and style. In reality, the answer is much more complex. We find romantical elements such as arches made of stone, beautiful window shutters and rich details on the inside which includes ornamental ceilings.


GCC and arab world are known for its tropical weather and desert. Because of this, it is hard to grow plants and flowers that are delicate, need utmost care and water for survival. Xeorophytic are the type of plants living in the Arabian desert meaning they can adapt to living without big amount of water. 

Traditional Houses In Saudi Arabia

Let's discover the traditional architectural criterias in Saudi Arabia before the Air Conditioning..

10 Famous Places to Visit in Spain under Budget

Are you always dreaming of coming to Spain but you are on a student loan or currently on a budget?  Luckily, Spain is one of the most affordable countries in Europe, so you can easily travel there without overthinking your budget. 

Seven destinations inspired interior designers

"Make every room a living room" - Alexandra Stoddard.The fastest way to grow intellectually and emotionally is to try something new. Moving beyond the familiar is in itself a journey of self-discovery and a motivational aspect towards more goal-oriented behaviors. However, embracing the unknown is best done through traveling. 

Architectural Delight: Artistic Places to Visit in England

When you think about England, you directly think about the royal family, luxurious black cabs, red buses, world class culinary and theater scene and maybe even Adele. Popular places of England that vacationers always find fun things to do and top attractions to visit. 

Visiting the Architectural Design Delight Of Saudi Arabia: Al Ula

Saudi Arabia, a new force in the tourism industry, is home to a cultural and geographical diversity that is worth visiting. Saudi Arabia highlights spectacular nature, wonderful archaeology, historical treasures, and many other mesmerizing ends. Let us discover one of the most striking attractions in Saudi Arabia: Al Ula.

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