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In the UAE, here are 6 tips for a fantastic bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation is a hassle and a huge commitment. It is not something you can do very often; this is why when you decided on doing bathroom renovation you should do it full heartedly and not to be undertaken haphazardly. It is a great chance to improve to the space in order to build the bathroom of your dreams. However, doing it correctly is essential because one wrong step can blow it all out and cost you time, money and stress.


A quality couch is your living centerpiece and can move with you from home to home for many years. While there are thousands of choices to shop online, finding your exact match is a lot easier said than done. Here are the best sofas to buy online in 2022, judged on quality, comfort and value. 

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How to instantly make any piece of furniture look much better

Clean all stains.It may appear that staining rather than painting your vintage furniture is a better choice. You'll get a new look of your wood tables this way.Begin by removing all of the wood from the structure. Sand your object lightly with sandpaper, then vacuum or clear away the dust. Apply a few coats of wood conditioner to create a more evenly finished surface. After that, massage the wood stain with a soft cloth. For a more gleaming finish, apply a coat of polyurethane.

Tips from a freelance interior designer in Dubai on how to add a touch of gold to your home with acc

If you have enough courage to go an extra mile in updating your home, then all you need is few small tips from a freelance interior designer in Dubai on how to add a touch of gold to your home with accessories. These tips will transform your home into a totally new place that you won’t be able to resist.

Choosing the most appropriate pots for your plants

Plants are the eco-friendly and cheap art added to your home. They are not merely decorative tools, they also enhance your mood, reduce your fatigue, take away your worries, eliminate your stress, fresh your air and boost your brain status. Thus, here is a guide on how to choose pots to give them the perfect appearance.

Share Your Ramadan Decorations On Casadar

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This is the story of the Ramadan Lantern... Show us the preferred Fanous at your places. and your decorations for the holy month  this year on casadar.

An ideal Home Office Interior Design

A home office is a necessity if your work allows remote work. A specialized work space in your home allows you put aside distractions related to your house and focus on the work to be done. Any home office should have something in common: a sophisticated design separated from every day’s distractions such as TV, snacks or children playing around. Other than that, every home differs from wall painting ideas, or lightings. Some offices might go as wild as led strip lights or led lights for room design. You can also use all kinds of furniture such as side table or a beautiful office table. Say goodbye to the traditional, formal home office space and hello to rooms that ooze personal style. “I always say ‘you do you’ when it comes to designing a home office.

How to Make Your Bed Look Nice!

You enter a fancy showroom and spot the bed of your dreams. The pillows are extra plush, the cover is extra fluffy and the throw blanket is perfectly draped. It is the bed you want to jump into and never leave. And you start to wonder, why can’t my sleeping area ever look this inviting? Simple and easy steps of bed design will help you making it extremely nice and giving it a hotel-like look.

Tips on painting like a pro

Remove everything from the room.First of all, remove all of the items from the room. Every artist we spoke with had a horror story about a time when he broke Rule No. 1. Larger pieces of furniture might occasionally be left unprotected in the center of larger rooms, but if you're fixing drywall.

5 spring gardening tips for your balcony

You may have everything you need inside your home, but nothing brings peace and tranquility as a balcony garden which is by itself a meditation retreat and a therapy that brings joy to your soul and delightful feelings to your heart. Here are 5 spring gardening tips for your home balcony: