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Genius Design: Tour This Stunning Waterfront Farmhouse

Farmhouse design is all the buzz these days in the stylistic layout world. More critically, it is a cherished and developing pattern with genuine individuals, not simply designers and innovators. Why all the prevalence? Since anybody and everybody can accomplish it. It is easy, and it's not costly. How extraordinary is that? Not exclusively is it effectively feasible yet in this speedy, cutting edge world is takes us back to our roots. 

Trends That are Influencing Arab Architects

While the improvement of Arab architects compositional instruction admits that there have been ceaseless impact of overall patterns on the instructive cycle, design schools in the Arab world by the most famous architects  are frequently blamed for being to a great extent indifferent with the discussions and patterns raised by the worldwide local area. Testing this theory required following three significant paradigmatic patterns in Arab engineering training: climate conduct studies, maintainability and natural awareness, and computerized and virtual practices. There is indeed a lot of conversations in plan and engineering circles on these patterns, and broadly shifting assessments regarding why and how they should be presented in design educational programs.

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Get Ready for Ramadan, Some Ideas for Decorating Your Home

When it’s Ramadan, the Muslim community knows it’s time for some special attention to our behaviors and for those around us. In the holy month of Ramadan, your home requires similar attention as you will have many visitors for iftar or even suhur! This article will be very helpful for you to decorate your home with many creative Islamic accessories!

This Gulf Heritage House Simple Design Pays Homage To The Past

The traditional buildings in the Gulf are intriguing due to the applied details and specific methods of construction. Why do the entrances have varying angles before leading to the court? How do the Barageel (wind towers) work? And why is the Majlis (guest’s room) located next to the entrance? What is the purpose of using multiple decorated openings in living rooms or bedrooms? The architecture of these buildings has been designed and built to cater to people specifically within a culture and its environment; the details of this society are reflected in the features of buildings. Distinguishing elements of traditional architecture can be identified in the traditional Gulf house around various parts of the Arab world. The astonishing traditional houses of ancient Bahrain, the charming houses in old Kuwaiti Fareejs, and the wind-catchers of the houses in Dubai’s Bastakia district are all examples of how architecturally forward the traditional Arabic house was. 

Vintage home decor ideas

 The shabby chic style as well as the vintage/antiquity thing is one of the trendiest modern interior design  in the home #decoration scene. Looking for antique and home decoration inspiration? There are a lot of ways to make your home a showcase of your most valuable findings. You can make a table out of suitcases or a kitchen island from an old workbench and here is how.

7 Inspiring and Amusing Garage Design Ideas

How Can You Renovate Your Garage?Sometimes, a garage in the house can be total dead space if not consumed correctly and efficiently. Many garages are capable of storing and protecting your car from physical damages, but often do not offer more than that. The garage space can be an ideal space for many exceptional and unique ideas, where it can be used for multiple purposes and needs. Additionally, garages can be renovated to form modern and efficient garages which serve for more than one purpose. Keep reading to figure out phenomenal garage design ideas that will blow your mind! 

Why You Should Buy Second Hand Furniture Rather than Buying New One

If you ask me what my favorite piece around the house is, I would definitely say that old duvet and vintage mirror that my grandmother gave me. It is in the entrance of the house giving it a vintage look. It helps me open millions of conversations with my father about his childhood and with my guests who ask me about the story behind it. In the following post, you will find 8 reasons to encourage you to buy or get secondhand furniture that I am sure you are going to love.

5 Modern Interior Design Tips To Create The Perfect Middle Eastern Design Project

Culture blended with furniture Wealth and luxury, simplicity and comfort... Welcome to the Middle East. Our modern interior design tips will help you achieve the perfect middle eastern design project for your house.What is better than a comfortable house that mixes modern and traditional decor? Are you thinking of renovating your house to give it a one of a kind look? From a low budget to a high one, we have got you covered! Let us guide you step by step to make sure that no mistake is made during this procedure.

The Secrets You Need for Shabby Chic Styling

Looking for a tasteful, creative and authentic house styling? Shabby chic is the answer for you!