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Why Qatar Is The New Holiday Hot Spot

When you say Qatar, you may think of Gaz, oil or even the world cup (World cup 2022 here we come!). However, did you think about it for your next vacation? It is one of the smallest nations in the gulf. However, despite its small size the country is full of adventure and luxury. This country is a natural mix of Middle Eastern culture and modern technologies and cultures. Experiencing this, this trip will be one you won’t forget.

  • Why Qatar Is The New Holiday Hot Spot
  • Why Qatar Is The New Holiday Hot Spot
  • Why Qatar Is The New Holiday Hot Spot
  • Why Qatar Is The New Holiday Hot Spot
  • Why Qatar Is The New Holiday Hot Spot
Why Qatar Is The New Holiday Hot Spot
Why Qatar Is The New Holiday Hot Spot
Why Qatar Is The New Holiday Hot Spot
Why Qatar Is The New Holiday Hot Spot
Why Qatar Is The New Holiday Hot Spot


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    You may be an adventurous traveler, or maybe seeking luxury, better yet you could be a beach enthusiast or a sport fanatic. No matter what are your plans, this place will have an activity to catch your interest. It is making anyway the highlight of the tourist’s map. So, go visit it before it begins to be the tourist hub. Still not convinced? Here is why Qatar is the new holiday hotspot.

    Where to stay?


    Holiday homes


    The ministry of tourism is working relentlessly to promote tourism.  In order to offer a safe and enjoyable stay for tourists and visitors, the minister has launched the operation holiday home. If you are a home or villa owner in Qatar, you can start consider renting your property to travelers from all over the world. It is a platform that offer vacation homes and rentals.

    If you are an owner who want to rent an apartment, you apply for a license and undergo a classifications based on quality standards, health and safety regulations, code of conduct and environmental sustainability.


    Holiday Inn Resort


    The holiday Inn resort in Doha is similar to the one in orange lake resort in terms of ratings.  It is located in the center of the business park and the financial district of Doha. The holiday inn resort is at proximity of the shopping malls, the cornich and the city center. It is a 15 minutes drive from hamad airport and a few minutes away from main attractions. 

    ndoor Pool


    Just like the one in orange lake resort, it is the destination for couples and just like the holiday valley resort, it is family oriented.


    Sun SUN SUN!


    If you come from a gloomy country, you would want to enjoy some sun during your vacations. Winters are usually very mild where you can enjoy the resorts similar to the ones in holiday valley. Rain is rarely encountered around February. Unlike rumors, Qatar is not ridiculously hot during summer. Temperatures are quite the same as any seaside country.


    rown Building With Stonewall And Arches


    A blend of modernity and transition


    Qatar is famous for its history. Qatar history is told in architectures, museums and UNESCO world heritage sites and marketplaces. However, the country is far from being living in the past. This blend between history and skyscrapers is rarely seen in any country in the world. Qatar is proud of its history and heritage and celebrate modern amenities, hotels and infrastructures.


    he Pearl, Doha, Qatar, Roads, Lights, Traffic

    Outdoor adventures: here we come! 


    A lot of activities awaits you in Qatar. You can start from skydiving over the Arabian gulf until scuba diving in its blue water. The most popular adventure though would be a desert safari tour. This is done by mounting the ATVs and heading out to the desert. You can end the tour with a camel ride.

    Your outdoor adventures need not include the sand, though. Qatar is also popular for kayaking through the Al Dhakira Mangroves and kitesurfing along the coast.

    nonymous man enjoying desert views standing on sandy dunes

    Exceptional dining scene

    Have you ever thought of eating sushi in the desert? Or eating fried rice by the seashore? You can find all cuisines. The country’s growing food scene embraces flavors from all over the world. Hotels and resorts such as the holiday inn resort have their onsite restaurants. You can also find some spots that serves national cuisine. 

    2022 FIFA world cup 

    2022 is right around the corner. This international event is the first to be held in a Muslim-majority country. It's also the first to be held in late November and mid-December when the winter weather will be comfortable for players and spectators alike. This state is preparing itself with environmentally friendly venues. Travelers intending to watch matches in multiple venues will get a chance to explore multiple destinations in and around the country.


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