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Stylish Water fountain home decoration tips to impress guests

Interesting Decoration IdeasModern house interior design nowadays involves several decoration trends and ideas. Some of which are inspired by old-time classical decoration. One of the classical, most elegant house decoration is the water fountain. Whether it is placed indoors or outdoors, they always add a special touch and make the house appear fancier. These fountains could be composed of granite, stones or even pottery. Either way, this decoration item could add a classy vibe if placed and used in a proper way. 

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What are the new trends in gardens lighting

In order to enjoy an outdoor dining experience with family and friends, outdoor lighting and garden living is becoming a must have in every Arabic home. Homeowners want to be able to entertain guests at any time of day or night in their backyard gardens, so they can enjoy its timeless beauty without feeling restricted to time. Having this in mind, below are some of the new trends in gardens lighting that offer the perfect lighting systems and landscape design experience for anyone looking to add this experience to their outdoor living space. 

Room-by-Room Interior Lighting Guide | Indoor Lighting Tips

We often underestimate the power of light design in changing how your home looks and feels. Beyond its aesthetic influence, the right lighting affects your mood and lifts your soul. Here is a room-by-room guide and some tips to follow.

10 Japanese Interior Design Ideas That You Can Easily Implement In Any Room

Dwelling on the old traditions and replicating their cultures into their designs, the modern Japanese interior design and architectures uncover the simplistic lifestyle of serenity, balance, natural harmony, and most important of all, minimalism. Thus, let us mimic the Japanese style with these 10 ideas.

Astonishing Changes in Home Garden Before and After Decoration

Ready to revamp your front or back-yard garden? You don't always need a sky-high budget, a sprawling space, or unfamiliar materials to make an impact. These clever garden design ideas will help you add more interest to your landscape, and make it easier to maintain, too! The creative vision of a good designer or landscape architect can be invaluable if you want to make big changes to your garden. If you’re faced with a flat, rectangular patch, you might be surprised at how radically different it could look with a little imagination.

Give Your Home A Royal Upgrade With Moroccan Interior Design

Throughout many years, Interior Design passed by several amendments and modifications which had an impressive effect on its development and evolution. Not a lot of people know the path that interior design has been through, and how it was developed over the years.We can talk a lot about interior design and about its concept, but to summarize since this terminology is well known, especially in our current generation, interior design is an art and a science that can change the environment and the space you live and work in, to make it more convenient, practical and healthy.

Home Décor Ideas Inspired From Celebrity Houses

Home Décor Ideas Inspired From Celebrity Houses
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We all have a curiosity to explore the celebrities’ houses and to discover their personal touches in designing and decoration. This is why we at Casadar have researched the best home décor ideas inspired by the well-known celebrities in the world.