What is Casadar?

Casadar is a marketplace listing companies dealing with furniture, decoration, interior design, lighting and architecture.

What is a regular user?

A regular user is a user who is looking for new ideas, the latest designs or shops for products or would like to connect with and hire Professionals. Signup is totally FREE Of Charge. A Regular user can follow designers, architects and other artists so he will not miss any new trend and keep up to date with the latest designs.

What is a PROFESSIONAL user?

A professional user is a company that sells products and materials such as furniture, lighting, kitchens, gardens, etc. as well as digital materials such as videos designs.
It can also be a service provider (like an architect, designer) that can be hired on Casadar for consultation, design or installation.

Can a regular user upgrade to a Pro user?

Of course, a regular user can upgrade its account at any given time subject to Casadar approval.

As a Pro user, how can I list my products and check on my profile?

As a PRO account, go under your profile, click “from your panel”. Your dashboard will show up, here you can list your products and check your orders.
“Under your profile” you will be able to describe your company’s offerings.

About: Description of the company’s profile, who you are and what do you do

Q&A: here you can interact with your customers, answer their questions and respond to their complaints and/or inquiries

Reviews: Customers can give you their own feedback about your services and/or products

InboxThe tab where your customers can privately message you

Hired pro This tab shows the PRO you have hired

Adsthis tab enables you to run your promotions on casadar platform for a fee.

As a Pro user, can I sell a custom product?

Sure, from his Admin panel, PRO can list a custom product where the user, when looking at the PRO shop page, can communicate with the PRO to tailor his product. Once PRO agrees with the client on the product specifications, he may list the physical product in order to be purchased from this shop page. All products can be added as a tag on your posts at the time of editing them, for the shoppers’ convenience of identifying the products while browsing your posts.

How can a Pro be hired?

At Hire Professional page or the PRO profile, you can press the “Hire PRO” button to hire a PRO. A client can hire the PRO then the hiring will appear under the “Hired Pro” tab while the communication is maintained privately under the “inbox”. The more designs you upload, the higher the chances of you getting hired.

As a designer, how can I sell my designs?

Of course. From the Admin Panel, as a PRO, you can list your digital products by uploading a video or pdf document of the designs you create. The more designs you upload, the higher the chances to be hired.

Can I run an Ad on Casadar?

Of course as a PRO, you can run any Ad you want to promote your posts and banners for a fee by going to your profile page and clicking the “Ads” Tab.

What are the advantages of purchasing products/ services through Casadar?

There are many advantages of purchasing a product/ a service through Casadar. To mention few, Casadar offers a wide variety of products and services as well as having a hiring options for consultation offered throughout the Middle East, not to forget about our fast shipping services.

Can I order from more than one vendor?

You can order from many vendors at the same time, You can view at the checkout page the vendors list and their respective products in your cart.

What are the Payment and Shipment information on Casadar?

At Casadar , you can pay via Credit card in US Dollars.

What are the terms and methods of payment and shipping approved by Casadar ?

You can make the payment on our website, by credit card, in US dollars, and our team will follow up on the shipping process and the arrival of the products to you in perfect condition.

We have large inventory, Do you provide an API to upload our products in bulk?

This public API was created by Casadar. The Casadar API endpoint is located at https://www.casadar.com/en/api/product/addProduct. If you need Casadar API support, you can reach out on our email at hello@casadar.com. For more information, check out API Documentation https://www.casadar.com/Api.md.