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Top 10 best luxury hotels in Dubai

If you are planning to spend unforgettable moments along the riverfront watching the sunset by the shore or if you are willing to activate your credit card in amazing shopping sprees, head to one of the best Arabic vacation destinations; Dubai. But before you embark on your trip, let me show you the top 10 best luxury hotels there.

  • Top 10 best luxury hotels in Dubai
  • Top 10 best luxury hotels in Dubai
  • Top 10 best luxury hotels in Dubai
Top 10 best luxury hotels in Dubai
Top 10 best luxury hotels in Dubai
Top 10 best luxury hotels in Dubai


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    Burj Al Arab

    Being a symbol of luxury, holding uniqueness in its tall rail architecture and its island-centred location, Burj Al Arab is simply a hotel like no other. Described as a seven stars hotel, it contains around 200 suites designed elegantly from marble, ceramic, and gold, decorated by paintings and other ornaments that take the breath away. They told me that the views from the windows of the rooms are magnificent, emphasizing the beauty of the city. Having ample lounges, huge spas, aquariums, and restaurants that serve the best food, Burj Al Arab is an experience by itself. At night, its structure is revived through a ray of different colors lighting it. In its vicinity, reside many attractions which the tourists visit on purpose just to get a close look at Burj Al Arab. Burj Al Arab is not only an Arabic Dream but a worldwide dream for many.

    Atlantis, the Palm

    A five stars hotel built on the Palm Jumeriah, The Atlantis features everything you can ever imagine and allows you to live new adventures with your family and friends. Starting with its wonderful dinner places like the Gordon Ramsay restaurant and Nobu, the food there is extremely delicious. Beside that is an aquarium with a variety of weird and wonderful fishes, a shopping center and a waterpark with plenty of water games in it. Guests can also enjoy a helicopter tour showing the Palm and the wonderful sea views from above. Anyhow, Atlantis is one of the attractions that must be seen when visiting this country.
    One and only – The Palm Dubai

    A boutique hotel full of lavishness, One and Only is a place of serenity and beauty. Half an hour away from the center, this hotel is situated on the Palm, near Dubai Marina, giving a spectacular view of the waterfront and the Jumeirah Beach. Despite its few rooms, they are designed in geometric shapes and colored patterns, from wood or marble materials. Big in size, some come with private pools with them, others hold balconies with greenery views outside. If you are looking for a fancy French dining experience, One and only has a restaurant with brave chefs coming right from Europe to deliver the best French and Italian food ever.
    Four seasons

    Four Seasons is a beachfront property located near Burj Khalifa. What distinguishes it the most is its colored shape and natural environment; exotic and fresh flowers are distributed all along with the hotel, giving it an aesthetic elegant form. Its interior is designed with marble, gold, crystal, and mosaic. You can enjoy your stay with an awesome view of the beach and nature surrounding it while pampering yourself with luxurious refreshments. 
    Raffles Dubai

    Inspired by Egyptian culture, this pyramid-shaped hotel reminds you of this country in its exterior as well as interior design. This is due to the accessories used to complete it and all other materials that go back to Ancient Egypt, reflecting old traditions in furniture, architecture, and decoration. Surrounded by numerous attractions like Sheikh Zayed Road Malls, parks, banks, and financial institutions, Raffles Dubai is an extravagant stay for everyone looking to spend quiet and peaceful moments in Dubai.



    Park Hyatt Dubai

    This dynamic property positioned on the Dubai Creek is a 5 stars resort that immerses its customers in total comfort and unexpected majesty. Holding around 200 rooms with sea views, all designed elegantly, this hotel features many activities for its guests, restaurants with the finest cuisines, and spa treatments for those who need it. Park Hyatt Dubai will amaze you with its warm hospitality, exceptional service, and friendly staff.


    Armani hotel

    Named in the name of the fashion designer Armani, this boutique hotel reflects the style of minimalism and chicness of its designer. I remember its spectacular views, highlighting the Opera house, the Dubai fountain, and other attractions. It also featured amazing honeymoon suits near me and near Mohamad Bin Rashid Boulevard, which is an avenue filled with a great variety of cafes, dining spots, and other entertainment activities. Amenities are various, ranging from spa treatment to swimming and special dining experience.



    Palazzo Versace Dubai

    Holding the shape of an Italian historical palace, Palazzo Versace Dubai reflects the Versace design and the 16th century period. It is designed mainly with marble and other luxurious elements. It holds tall ceilings, parquet floors, mosaic walls, and antique decorations. During my visit to this country, the Versace was one of the hotels will pools near me and one with hotels with indoor pools near me showing the cultural village of Dubai, where treasured memories can be built there.

    The Ritz-Carlton Dubai

    Positioned in front of the JBR and the center of the financial zone, the famous Ritz-Carlton is an international five stars hotel mixing between the busy life of Dubai and the luxurious shopping spots and sand beaches. Its ample space accommodates around 290 rooms, green gardens, a large ballroom, meeting rooms, spa, and restaurants. Influenced by modern and contemporary architecture, this is the place to go to get a sense of indulgence and peace in Dubai.


    Jumeirah Al Qasr

    “Al Qasr” or The Palace, is a hotel that reflects royalty in every corner. Inspired by the Arabian culture and design, Al Qasr features award-wining restaurants, a Kids Club, a huge waterpark, event venues, an old shopping market, swimming pools, a private beach, and plenty of rooms and suites overseeing the Arabian Gulf. It was one of the perfect place to stay near me close to Jumeirah Beach and Burj al-Arab.


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