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7 Tips for Stylish desk accessories

The new normal has become a working from home routine. Almost all of us have now a home office where we work every single day, or at least twice a week or three days a week. 


One of the most important rooms in the house is the bedroom. This is the place where you would sleep, nap, take comfort to recharge energy for the rest of the day or the next day to come. Therefore, when designing your new home, you should take close attention to the details of the interior design of the bedroom because it will play a vital role on your sleep and comfort. In this blog we will give you three ideas for modern bedroom ideas. 

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Bring on the snow! With the stormy cold weather outside, you will be spending more time at home than usual. That’s why your rooms must be homey and inviting.  However, these decorating items shouldn’t be with you all year long and you don’t have to be stuck with the holiday décor till June (even if we feel like we want to). Cold weather accessories are about incorporating textured layers, seasonal colors, rich items that reflect the season and can help in keeping you warm. Whether you want to go shopping for some wintery artwork life wall painting ideas and decor or you'd rather work with what you've got like on wood tables, floor lamps, or pendant lights, here are some items that can help you decide on what you want and how to keep. 

Top 10 Modern kitchen ideas blogs

Kitchen design is a world full of inspiration and ideas, and this explains why there are multiple kitchen blogs out there, dedicated to kitchen and everything related to it, led by people passionate about kitchen design and furnishings! Kitchen is actually the core room in a house. There, you prepare your everyday meals, you meet to grab some coffee, you sit down for a special treat, you prepare a cake with your beloved one, you watch TV and eat, and many other activities, which give the kitchen a feel of warmth and love! Using our experience in searching, we run you through some of the best kitchen design blogs out there today, narrowing it down to the best 10! 

Unique lighting ideas to elevate home style

When choosing the lights for your new home, be careful to be wise when choosing them, because little do we know how important lighting can be. It sets the mood, the vibe and affects us in a way we don’t know. If you are planning on furnishing your new home, this blog is the right one for you to guide you and give you the best lighting ideas to elevate your home style. 

What is the best way to decorate your home, living room, bedroom, and kitchen?

When designing and furnishing your new home, many ideas can be implemented. The amount of design and creative ideas are endless and are sure to make one lost in decisions. However, do not rush into such decisions because this is your home, a design that will stick with you for a long time. Therefore, be careful and take your time choosing what is right for you and what suits your lifestyle and preferences. In this blog, we will be guiding you on the best ways to decorate your home, living room, bedroom, and kitchen. 

Exquisite transparency (or, what we learned from clicking the pause button)

Covid-19 is the first pandemic ever to affect humans the way it does. Its huge impact has touched every aspect of our lives in an unprecedented manner. When it comes to interior design, changes have occurred also.

Create The Wardrobe Of Your Dreams.

The living room, dining room, bathroom or also known as the shared spaces of our houses are usually designed with the contribution of family members and taking into consideration the comfort of visitors.   Your bedroom however is designed based on our own taste. Design is a priority of course, however a bedroom objective is to recuperate the rest you need. Secondly, it is where all your clothes are stored and that’s why a perfect wardrobe cabinet is essential too. In the following, you will understand why the wardrobe cabinet is essential instead of having small storage cabinets. A wardrobe is probably the biggest item you'll have in your bedroom. With so many factors to consider, it can be difficult making the choice and committing to purchase. But there's definitely a style to suit every home. Here are a few things to consider.

Vintage home decor ideas

 The shabby chic style as well as the vintage/antiquity thing is one of the trendiest modern interior design  in the home #decoration scene. Looking for antique and home decoration inspiration? There are a lot of ways to make your home a showcase of your most valuable findings. You can make a table out of suitcases or a kitchen island from an old workbench and here is how.

10 Tips for Buying Second Hand Furniture

You want to buy new furniture and don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, you better go second-hand shopping! But hey, this doesn’t mean that you will be buying worn-out objects or incompatible stuff.