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10 Best Backpacks for Style and Comfort

If you are reading this, then this your sign to get rid of your old bag and choose a new one. In this blog, you will have a close-up look at the perfect sacks designed for all your choices and preferences. Whether you are a child or an adult, this useful tool is your go-to when you want something comfortable to transport anywhere. You can store all your items in a safe place and a well-organized zone. Follow Casadar to stay up to date with the trendiest ideas.

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Ideas to Make your Birthday Home Decorations more Exquisite

A birthday is our most special occasion. We can save our money and protect ourselves from the Covid-19 virus by celebrating this occasion at home with this amazing list of home decoration birthday ideas to make our day worth remembering and as beautiful as we are.

11 beautiful living room wallpaper designs

There are plenty of ways to decorate a living room and transform it into a luxurious setting. One of the methods that interior designers use the most is wallpaper designs. Hence, here are eleven beautiful wall decor for living room inspired by famous experts. 

6 Mosaic craft supplies Ideas to Try at Home

If you are running out of ways to decorate your home or to add some handmade ornaments to it, here are six ways to do that with a traditional craft called Mosaic. Mosaic has long been used by interior designers to transform a normal house design into an elegant one.  Craft has always been a practice adopted by humans to improve their confidence and to relieve their stress. Way beyond that, the craft is also beneficial to boost brain productivity and to entertain people with illness so that they can feel pain. Thus, here are some items you may need before emerging into your craft project

Why It Is Already the Best Time to Think About Copper Finishes for Your Home?

Ring, Ring, Ring! It is time to renovate your house and make it look astonishing. This month, Casadar has got you covered. With our wide range of home design ideas, we will make sure to present each and every design that may fit into your house.For more details, check out our website to have a close-up look at different topics regarding home design.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Carpets for Your Home

When furnishing your new home, one important aspect that will add cosines to your house during the winter season is your carpets. They add a sense of heat and warmness incomparable to any other home décor. Therefore, it is really important to know how and what carpet to have for an ideal cold season in your home. In this blog, we will be guiding you in choosing your carpets in an efficient and smart way. 

What Are The Best Materials For Modular Kitchen?

Nowadays, our lives are becoming very stressful and hectic. Interior stylists are thus trying to find new ways to diminish the daily pressure. Modular kitchen is a new design that brings flexibility, practicality and efficiency to the homeowners. Thus, here are the best materials to design it  

What are the new trends in gardens lighting

In order to enjoy an outdoor dining experience with family and friends, outdoor lighting and garden living is becoming a must have in every Arabic home. Homeowners want to be able to entertain guests at any time of day or night in their backyard gardens, so they can enjoy its timeless beauty without feeling restricted to time. Having this in mind, below are some of the new trends in gardens lighting that offer the perfect lighting systems and landscape design experience for anyone looking to add this experience to their outdoor living space.