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6 Mosaic craft supplies Ideas to Try at Home

If you are running out of ways to decorate your home or to add some handmade ornaments to it, here are six ways to do that with a traditional craft called Mosaic. Mosaic has long been used by interior designers to transform a normal house design into an elegant one.  Craft has always been a practice adopted by humans to improve their confidence and to relieve their stress. Way beyond that, the craft is also beneficial to boost brain productivity and to entertain people with illness so that they can feel pain. Thus, here are some items you may need before emerging into your craft project

9 Tips on Using Luxury Wall Decor for Living Room

There are countless possibilities to turn your living room into an intrigued living space but have you ever thought about how to refresh your once empty walls and transform them into stylish masterpieces? If not, check our nine tips on using luxury wall décor for living room, tips that suit all tastes and views.

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People always cherish the happy moments they have spent together. They may not remember what they have eaten back or what clothes they have put on, but they will always remember how they felt back then. Thus, plan a party that your guests will surely enjoy, and transform this event into an unforgettable memory by following the below party planning tips.


Not all the time you have to match elements of design to provide aesthetically pleasing space, sometimes,  you have to mix in between contrasting colors and styles for fresh, vibrant and new look though it can be difficult, complicated and tremendous. 

What are the new trends in gardens lighting

In order to enjoy an outdoor dining experience with family and friends, outdoor lighting and garden living is becoming a must have in every Arabic home. Homeowners want to be able to entertain guests at any time of day or night in their backyard gardens, so they can enjoy its timeless beauty without feeling restricted to time. Having this in mind, below are some of the new trends in gardens lighting that offer the perfect lighting systems and landscape design experience for anyone looking to add this experience to their outdoor living space. 

Indoor vs. Outdoor play—is one better than the other?

Playing is a process that accompanies a child’s growth.   Statistics show that children spend most of their time playing. This detrimental activity that used to take place outside is now being swapped with inside activities. That said, the question that remains is which is better, indoor or outdoor play? 

Famous Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”― David MitchellA spiritual land of the Islamic religion, Saudi Arabia is a mysterious and extraordinary destination that has many adventures to offer.  A socially conservative place with Arabian hospitality, this glittering country is a unique destination and an unfamiliar self-discovery journey for every traveler. Thus, let us explore together its famous places to visit.

Guiltless Plastic- Milan Design Week

As part of Milan Design week’s multiple exhibitions scattered around the street of Milan making the city an open art and culture Museum.

The Essentials For Terrace Space

Roof terrace can be your perfect space for reading your favorite book or having a cup of coffee. A beautiful and functional roof can make the time spent on roof tops more than amazing!