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Al Huzaifa has redefined furniture fashion over four decades. This brand is the definition of constant evolution of furniture fashion across UAE. Always exceeding customer expectation by providing a unique and differentiated experience, Al Huzaifa delivers a distinctive mix of luxury and innovation in the furniture world.With many showrooms across UAE, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah converting living spaces into statements of fashion; Al Huzaifa Furniture has recently renovated its showroom in Umm Hurair.

Ideas for European modern interior design

European modern interior design features a mix of traditional and modern styles. Some qualities of the European decor style would be a smooth, flat surface-cabinet, with no hardware, inspired most of the time by minimalism and Scandinavian trends. 

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5 Modern Interior Design Tips To Create The Perfect Middle Eastern Design Project

Culture blended with furniture Wealth and luxury, simplicity and comfort... Welcome to the Middle East. Our modern interior design tips will help you achieve the perfect middle eastern design project for your house.What is better than a comfortable house that mixes modern and traditional decor? Are you thinking of renovating your house to give it a one of a kind look? From a low budget to a high one, we have got you covered! Let us guide you step by step to make sure that no mistake is made during this procedure.

How Green Architecture is Making a Difference in Real Life

Humans have exhausted the planet!They do not understand the sacred relationship that relates them to it.

33 best modern Arabic interior design home ideas

Arabic interior design is known about it’s traditional furniture, but lately modern style has been added to it, so what are the 33 best modern Arabic interior design house ideas?

How to instantly make any piece of furniture look much better

Clean all stains.It may appear that staining rather than painting your vintage furniture is a better choice. You'll get a new look of your wood tables this way.Begin by removing all of the wood from the structure. Sand your object lightly with sandpaper, then vacuum or clear away the dust. Apply a few coats of wood conditioner to create a more evenly finished surface. After that, massage the wood stain with a soft cloth. For a more gleaming finish, apply a coat of polyurethane.


One of the most important rooms in the house is the bedroom. This is the place where you would sleep, nap, take comfort to recharge energy for the rest of the day or the next day to come. Therefore, when designing your new home, you should take close attention to the details of the interior design of the bedroom because it will play a vital role on your sleep and comfort. In this blog we will give you three ideas for modern bedroom ideas. 

Design bedroom & Furnishing Palm Font O Villa

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Home Decor Expectations vs. Reality

At times, the reality of interior home decor ideas tends to be nicer in a way you feel amazed and satisfied that you get the courage to list them as “before” and “after” transformation rather than expectation vs. reality.