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6 Best Safety Lockers To Keep Your Items Safe

A safe locker is a secured container – usually a metal box – used to keep valuables, important documents, sentimental keepsakes, and keys protected and out of the way of intruders. Home lockers have gained nowadays popularity as these smart devices help in keeping our valuables safe at home. Safety lockers are designed to withstand natural disasters as well such as fires, floods, etc. You can put there contracts, business papers, bond certificates, along with small collectibles and family heirlooms. 

Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked

Roman, Byzantine, Persian, Mesopotamian, and all other lands acquired by the Early Muslim conquests in the seventh and eighth century inspired early Arabic architecture. As Islam moved to Southeast Asia, it was also impacted by Chinese and Indian architecture.

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Beirut Kitchen, A seat at a table

After the tragedy of August 4th 2020 in Beirut Lebanon, more than 300 000 people were left without shelter and basic needs for survival. For that, i decided to design a project that would provide the people of Beirut with a shelter and essential needs.

Accessories in Pure Style Your Bathroom

Usually, when you think about designing a new home or updating your interior design, you usually first think about your kitchen, bedroom and living room and overlook your bathroom accessories. However, whether you are thinking about redecorating your master bath or a small powder room can be a challenge. From beautiful vanities to simple accessories, from bathroom cabinets to bathroom tiles and shower curtains there are many possibilities to create a powder room with pure style. In this post, we hope to show you how to beautify your room into a wonderful one. Here are some ideas and how to get their looks. You will learn how to choose your furniture and your bathroom accessories in order to create your dream room effortlessly. 

50 Ideas to Secure your House

Your family is the most important people in your life. Break-in can happen in your neighborhood anytime. Keeping your family safe is your prime concern as a parent. How do you protect your home (modern living room) and your family?