Effective date: 7th of November 2017

  1. Introduction 

1.1 The Company "Green Trade" having a principal place of business at 336-500 FAIRWAY RD S- KITCHENER - ONTARIO - CANADA N2C 1X3 hereinafter, referred to as the “Company”, “we”, “our”, and “us”) collects from the individual user (hereinafter, referred to as “you” or “your”) certain personal data through the website http://casadar.com (hereinafter, referred to as the “Website”). 1.2 The Website is an interactive platform on which galleries, designers and other real estate and home interior professionals (hereinafter, collectively referred to as “Interior Professionals”) can showcase their projects, advertise products, and connect with potential customers. 1.3 This Privacy Policy contains Company’s policies and procedures governing the processing of personal data through the Website.

  1. Personal Data Collected by the Company

2.1 Interior Professionals and other users of the Website are provided with an opportunity to register a user account on the Website (hereinafter, referred to as “Your Account”). When you register Your Account on the Website, the Company collects the following personal data from you:

  • full name;
  • email address;
  • date of birth;
  • gender;
  • address;
  • password;
  • phone number;
  • business information;
  • social media account information; and
  • any other information that you may decide to provide us.

2.2 If you are an unregistered user of the Website and you sign up for our newsletter by using the “Sign up for newsletter” functionality available on the Website, the Company will collect your email address. Please note that the functionality “Sign up for newsletter” may not be available on the Website at all times.

2.3 When you visit the Website, the Company collects your IP address.

2.4 If you use your social media accounts (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) to register Your Account or to log in to the Website, the social media provider may send us the following personal data: (1) date of birth; (2) e-mail address; (3) gender; (4) a list of your friends and contacts; (5) location; (6) name; (7) profile picture; (8) user id; (9) user name; and (10) access token. We will add the personal data collected pursuant to this Section 2.4 in our database in order to register Your Account. Please note that the provision of the personal data by the social media providers is subject to their individual privacy policies. Please check the privacy settings of your social media account carefully in order to manage your personal data that will be sent to us.

2.5 When you make payments through the Website, your payments will be processed by our third party payment processor, 2Checkout.com, Inc. having a registered place of business at 855 Grandview Avenue, Suite 110 Columbus, OH 43215 USA (hereinafter, referred to as the “Third Party Payment Processor”). The Third Party Payment Processor may collect payment information from you, which is necessary to make the payments requested by you. Please note that we do not store your credit/debit card information. The Third Party Payment Processor handles all the steps in the payment process on its website, including data collection and data processing.

2.6 Please note that the Company complies with data minimization principles. We collect and process only minimal amount of information that is necessary for performing the operations requested by you. The Company does not attempt to collect any personal information from you that is not strictly necessary for performing the requested operations.

2.7 The Company does not collect or process any sensitive data about you (e.g., your health information, opinion about your religious and political beliefs, racial origins and membership of a professional or trade association).

  1. The Purpose of Collection of Personal Data

3.1 The Company respects data protection principles and uses the personal data only for the purposes for which such data was provided.

3.2 The personal data collected through the Website is used only for:

  • performing the operations requested by you (e.g., listing your advertisements and facilitating your communication with other users of the Website);
  • verifying your contact details; and
  • customizing Website’s content based on your location;
  • and audit and security purposes.

3.3 If the Company receives your prior consent, the Company shall use your personal data for marketing purposes, such as:

  • providing you with advertisements of products and services which may be of interest to you;
  • delivering our newsletter;
  • sending you notifications about updates of the Website; and
  • sending you information about promotions and/or events that may be of interest to you.

3.4 In case the Company is being sold partly or fully, the Company may also provide your personal data to a purchaser or successor entity.

3.5 At any time, you have the right to opt out from receiving our newsletter and any other marketing materials by (1) clicking on the “unsubscribe” link contained in the newsletter or any other marketing materials submitted by the Company to you, (2) adjusting newsletter settings through your Account, or (3) contacting us by email at info@casadar.com.


  1. Non-Personal Data Collected by Us

4.1 The Company may collect non-personal data, such as browser types, operating systems, and the URL addresses of websites clicked to and from the Website.

4.2 The Company collects the non-personal data mentioned in this Section 4.1 in order to analyze what kind of users visit the Website, how they find it, how long they stay, from which other websites they come to the Website, what pages they look at, to which other websites they go from the Website.

4.3 The Website uses the Google Maps API(s). By using the Website, you agree that Google Privacy Policy available on http://www.google.com/policies/privacy will apply to your use of Google Maps API(s).


  1. Protection of personal data

5.1 The Company puts reasonable efforts to ensure that your personal data is used only for the purposes as set out in this Privacy Policy.

5.2 The Company employs information security tools to protect personal data collected and processed through the Website. Such information security tools include, but are not limited to, secured networks and encryption.

5.3 However, please note that, due to the inherent risks of using the Internet, we cannot be liable for any destruction, loss, leakage, and falsification of personal data caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

5.4 We will put reasonable efforts to maintain the security of and to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, and modification of your personal data.

5.5 You are solely responsible for keeping your login details in a private and secure manner.


  1. Third party access to personal data

6.1 Please note that your personal data (e.g., information about Interior Professionals) may be visible and accessible to other users of the Website. Please be sensible in disclosing any personal or sensitive data about yourself.

6.2 In case third parties perform services on behalf of the Company, the Company will assure that such third parties assure an adequate level of protection of personal data that is consistent with this Privacy Policy.

6.3 The Company does not sell your personal information to third parties, and does not intend to do so in the future.

6.4 The Company may respond to lawful requests from the public authorities to disclose information about the users of the Website to the extent necessary for pursuing a public interest objective, such as national security or law enforcement.

6.5 Your personal data collected and processed by the Company is stored in servers located in the USA. The hosting services for the Website are provided by HostGator.com LLC having a principal place of business at 5005 Mitchelldale, Suite #100, Houston, Texas 77092, the USA. By using the Website, you consent to transfer of your personal data to the USA.


  1. Accessing, Correcting, and Deleting your Personal Data

7.1 The Company takes reasonable steps to ensure that the personal data collected and processed by the Company is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. Thus, we ask you to you to keep your personal data as current as possible and update your personal data on the Website if necessary.

7.2 If you would like to access, modify, or delete your personal data that is processed through the Website, please send an email to the following email address: info@casadar.com. The Company will answer to your request as soon as possible but no later than two weeks.


  1. Retention Period

8.1 Your personal data will be kept for as long as is necessary to provide you with the requested service. For instance, if your personal data is collected to deliver the newsletter, your personal data will be kept until you unsubscribe from the newsletter service.

8.2 When your personal data is no longer necessary to deliver the requested service, the Company will keep your personal data for a maximum of one year in identifiable form.


  1. Your Consent

9.1 By using the Website, you are hereby consenting to our processing of your personal data as set forth in this Privacy Policy. The term “processing” includes collecting, storing, deleting, using, and disclosing personal data.

9.2 According to the terms and conditions of the Website available at http://casadar.com/terms-and-conditions, the Website cannot be accessed and used by persons who are minors under the law of their jurisdiction. However, we cannot distinguish the age of people accessing the Website. If a minor has provided us with personal data without obtaining parental or guardian consent in advance, the parent or guardian may contact the Company requesting us to destroy or de-identify the personal data. The contact details of the Company are specified in Section 14 of this Privacy Policy.


  1. Third Party Links 

10.1 The Website may contain links to other websites provided by third parties. The Company is not responsible for the privacy practices of those websites.


  1. Cookies

11.1 The Website uses cookies. By using the Website, you agree to our use of cookies as described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to our use of cookies, you need to either (1) discontinue your use of the Website or (2) set your browser to refuse cookies. Please be aware that some parts of the Website may not function properly without cookies. If you would like to set your browser to refuse cookies, check your browser’s help information.

11.2 About cookies. A cookie is a small computer file. It typically consists of letters and numbers. When you visit a website, the website may send a cookie to your browser. Subsequently, the browser may store the cookie on your computer system. The main purpose of cookies is to allow a website to recognize user’s device. There are two types of cookies, namely, persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies remain valid until their expiration date, unless deleted by the user before that date. Session cookies will be stored on a web browser and will remain valid until the moment when the browser is closed. Cookies do not typically contain personal data. However, personal data stored by us may be linked to the information stored in and obtained from cookies. Web servers can use cookies to: (1) identify and track users while they navigate through different pages on a website; and (2) identify users returning to a website.

11.3 Cookies used by the Company. The Company uses cookies, such as uunamLoc, passLoc, and chkbxLoc, in order to (1) verify your details until you are navigating from page to page on the Website and (2) recognize you as a unique user when you return to the Website. As a result, you do not have to enter your login details multiple times as you move from other websites to the Website. The Company will not use cookies for purposes which are not mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

11.4 Google Analytics. The Company uses Google Analytics to analyze your use of the Website. Google Analytics generates statistical and other information about the Website by means of cookies. The information generated by Google Analytics in relation to the Website is used to create reports about the use of the Website. We use the following Google Analytics advertising features: (1) Remarketing with Google Analytics; (2) Google Display Network Impression Reporting; (3) Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting; and (4) Integrated services that require Google Analytics to collect data via advertising cookies and identifiers. If you would like to opt out from Google Analytics advertising features, you can do so through Ads Settings, Ad Settings for mobile apps, or any other available means (for example, the NAI’s consumer opt-out). You can also install a Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on available at https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en .

11.5 Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on users’ prior visits to the Website. Google’s use of advertising cookies enables it and its partners to serve you ads based on your visits of the Website and/or other websites on the Internet. You may opt out of the use of personalized advertising (if the vendor or ad network offers this capability) by visiting https://www.google.com/settings/u/0/ads/authenticated . Alternatively, you can opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies for personalized advertising by using one of the methods described at http://optout.aboutads.info .


  1. User-Generated Content 

12.1 The Website provides you with a possibility to submit online content, such as text, images, videos, and question-answer interactions (hereinafter, collectively referred to as the “User-Generated Content”). You agree not to submit any User-Generated Content on the Website that violates the applicable privacy and other laws. Please beware that the User-Generated Content may become public. Please keep this in mind before submitting any User-Generated Content to us. 12.2 We shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by your publication of unlawful content.


  1. Amendment of this Privacy Policy

13.1 We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time by posting an amended version on the Website and sending you a notice (if we possess your contact details). Your continued use of the Website after posting such an amended version or receiving a notice will constitute your acknowledgment of the amendments and your consent to abide and be bound by the amended Privacy Policy. Please regularly review this Privacy Policy in order to be aware of new amendments.


  1. Contact Details 

14.1 If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact the Company by email at info@casadar.com or please write to the following address: the First Floor, Dabbagh Building, Kashu Street, Ashrafieh, Geitawi, Beirut, Lebanon. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible but no later than two weeks commencing from receipt of such communication.


  1. Last Amendment

15.1 This Privacy Policy has been last amended on 7th of November 2017.