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Kitchen Essentials and Tips for Your First Apartment

Moving into your new apartment in college it as a newlywed can be exciting. Yet, it is a challenging time especially if you like to cook. You must think about the utensils, the machines as well as the ingredients you must buy. In this article, you will find a list about everything you need from appliances to utensils in your new kitchen. Get ready, you have to do some little shopping and preparation.

Things To Do In Montenegro For Every Kind Of Traveler

You may not have heard of a small European country close to the borders of Croatia, called Montenegro. If you are about to book for a trip, then trust me when I tell you that this country is truly worth it. Between its stunning mountains and classy beaches, there are plenty of activities that suit every kind of traveler. So let me show you things I have done during my trip to Montenegro.

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The Alps in Summer: 10 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting

Traveling is a self-discovery journey. You cannot go wrong no matter what destination you choose to visit, especially in the summer where the activities seem endless. In case the Alpes are on your bucket list for this summer, explore these 10 things that you need to know before going there. 

Home Décor Ideas Inspired From Celebrity Houses

Home Décor Ideas Inspired From Celebrity Houses
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We all have a curiosity to explore the celebrities’ houses and to discover their personal touches in designing and decoration. This is why we at Casadar have researched the best home décor ideas inspired by the well-known celebrities in the world.  

Indoor vs. Outdoor play—is one better than the other?

Playing is a process that accompanies a child’s growth.   Statistics show that children spend most of their time playing. This detrimental activity that used to take place outside is now being swapped with inside activities. That said, the question that remains is which is better, indoor or outdoor play? 

10 Japanese Interior Design Ideas That You Can Easily Implement In Any Room

Dwelling on the old traditions and replicating their cultures into their designs, the modern Japanese interior design and architectures uncover the simplistic lifestyle of serenity, balance, natural harmony, and most important of all, minimalism. Thus, let us mimic the Japanese style with these 10 ideas.


People always cherish the happy moments they have spent together. They may not remember what they have eaten back or what clothes they have put on, but they will always remember how they felt back then. Thus, plan a party that your guests will surely enjoy, and transform this event into an unforgettable memory by following the below party planning tips.

Important Tips to Choose Home Furniture Designs like A Professional

Your house interior replicates your identity and expresses your style. Design it poorly, you will feel anxious. Design it very well, you will live in paradise. Let us discover together how a mix of colors, textures, arrangements, and materials can transform your home and how to choose furniture designs like a professional.

Stunning Living room wallpaper ideas

Are you thinking of decorating your new living room or updating your existing one? Get an instant impact and create a new statement design with just some rolls of paper with these stunning modern living room wallpaper ideas

How To Choose The Right Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are generally the last things that you buy while renovating a house. However, it is a challenge to choose the right bathroom accessories since bathrooms occupy a small space compared to other rooms. In addition to that, when it comes to #bathroom_designs, there is no much flexibility so you might think that it is boring to choose the right #accessories. Luckily, I would tell you that the right bathroom accessories set play a role in setting the mood and determining the style and look of the bathroom which can switch thee setting from romantic to kids friendly.

Home Interior Design Tips and Storage ideas for small homes

Decorating a small space is a big challenge. You can’t imagine how difficult it can be unless you own a small apartment. You want to fit all your stuff however the room must not be chaotic. You want to give it a touch of your personality, but the room must not be all cluttered. Good news, you do not have to sacrifice a lot nor have a professional organizer. Here are some #small house storage ideas you are going to love - no wands or wizards needed.  

The fullest Greece travel guide for a great budget trip for first timers

Are you tired from work, daily life and routine? Are you mentally and physically enjoying yourself? Would you like to escape for a couple of days the busy city life and rest your mind and body? Well, we got this covered: Greece is your next destination to go for your next upcoming vacation. In this blog, we will be exposing you to the best of what Greece has to offer in a Greece travel guide from sunny and crystal-clear beaches to museums and a dive in ancient history, from finest Greek food to nightlife and fun. 

Tips for planning a festive outdoor barbecue

We all need a break from time to time to escape the hustle of daily life. With great food, good company, and a nice setting, you are set to have one memorable night. If you are planning on inviting friends and/or family for a barbecue night in your yard, this blog is just the right one for you. We will help you and give you the best tips for planning the best festive barbecue party your friends and family have ever attended. Get your notebook and pen ready and let’s get into the details that will make your night one to talk about for quite some time. 

اكتشف تصاميم المكاتب من أفضل مصممي الديكور الداخلي

من الطبيعي عندما تدخل إلى مكتب مصمم داخلي للحصول على استشارة أن تأخذ فكرة عن اسلوبه.  كيف يصمم مهندسو الديكور مكاتبهم؟  فيما يلي بعض الأفكار حول ديكورات مكاتب كبار المصممين لنقل فكرة عن اسلوبهم إلى عملائهم، وهو أمر يسهّل عملهم في آن واحد.

Arabs Best Interior Designers Firms Ranked

Chances are you have already gone through thousands of millions of interior designers’ firms and trends all over social media, be they European or American best interior designers’ firms. However, hey, Instagram is not short on accounts of Arab interior designers to inspire you for your next living room makeover or your bedroom renovation.


Impressive growth of GCC’s economy made England invest and broaden its partnership and strategic relationship. England’s tie up to GCC are not only on the economic factor; most especially because of oil and mining companies; not only on that, but on every sector of GCC including business, the government, and all the channels of the it’s society making every part prosper and grow more. With this type of relationship between, it is attainable that England’s architecture and design also affects the Arab world—making Arab world to build more English country house style, rather than sticking to it’s own modern and traditional way. 

Milan Design week 2021

The Milan Design week 2021 organizers have launched a call to all creative artists to participate in a city installations expressing the post pandemic view of the planet earth and focusing on sustainability and the return to a genuine respect of nature‘s balance and it’s sensitivity to change.

Wood room: here are the secrets.

Wood material is the most common in Interior Design because it’s cheaper, efficient and easier to put. The history of wood rooms came from ancestors as beforehand, there are no things such as concrete mixes, steel and other metals for architecture. These ancestors use woods chopped from the trees, leaves, plants and stones to make their own home for basic protection from animals and different weathers, followed by dried bricks from clays or mud strong enough to use. 

Guiltless Plastic- Milan Design Week

As part of Milan Design week’s multiple exhibitions scattered around the street of Milan making the city an open art and culture Museum.

Going for Chandeliers, or Hidden Lighting?

Settling up in a new place and decorating it according to you and your spouse’s taste is a difficult task. But the most challenging part is to decide upon the type of lighting to be used. 

Air-conditioning New Specifications

Experts from everywhere throughout the world always look to enhance the air conditioning systems in all kinds of ways ever from the time when they were invented. Just to make ACs function more efficient & properly, new air conditioning technologies are brought in every year.

Craftsmanship is having a presence in furniture

The impact of the Pandemic on interior design is very evident in Milan’s furniture fair. It looks as if patience and taking time in producing furniture were rediscovered.

Essence in materials and glamour in finishing

To display and complement Milan’s fair slogan, interior design trends this year trend moved to natural, organic and basic materials. 

Mid-century style still inspires designers

The time spent in lockdown during the Pandemic triggered Nostalgia in the hearts and minds of interior designers. 

The 9 Best Stainless Steel Cookware Sets For 2021

A full set of cookware is always a good investment whether you are setting up your new apartment kitchen or you just want to upgrade your cooking material or unify our mismatched pans. Picking out a set of cookware is often less work and much better value than picking out one piece at a time. Stainless steel is the material to go for regular housewives or for professionals. Stainless steel cookware unlike ceramic cookware is characterized by its durability, ability to brown meats and oven proof capabilities. Stainless pans may need a little more maintenance to remove stuck on food but after the maintenance it is new for their entire lifespan. If you're intrigued by a complete set, we've put together the best stainless steel cookware sets to help you choose.

How To Design Small Bathrooms

A little area is definitely not synonym to boring area. You don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to style. You just have to know the know-how and your simple ideas can turn into stylish and space-efficient ones.Small bathroom remodel can make it as glorious as a big one. You just have to be smarter when it comes to small bathroom layout. A small space doesn’t have to be cluttered or cramped. Your compact room can be stylish and sophisticated by adding some modern bathroom vanities. Some gorgeous accessories like bathroom faucets turn a modest room into a luxurious one and the bathroom of your dreams

Top 10 best luxury hotels in Dubai

If you are planning to spend unforgettable moments along the riverfront watching the sunset by the shore or if you are willing to activate your credit card in amazing shopping sprees, head to one of the best Arabic vacation destinations; Dubai. But before you embark on your trip, let me show you the top 10 best luxury hotels there.

5 Small-Space Friendly Home Bar Ideas

Home bar is the new trend!Is Covid-19 stopping you from going out to a pub and enjoy drinking with your friends? Now you can make your own party at your house and enjoy your night till dawn without any restriction!Worried about not having enough space in your house to make a special bar? Do not worry! We are here to make your dreams come true by providing you with special home bar ideas to turn your nights into unforgettable moments.

6 Mosaic craft supplies Ideas to Try at Home

If you are running out of ways to decorate your home or to add some handmade ornaments to it, here are six ways to do that with a traditional craft called Mosaic. Mosaic has long been used by interior designers to transform a normal house design into an elegant one.  Craft has always been a practice adopted by humans to improve their confidence and to relieve their stress. Way beyond that, the craft is also beneficial to boost brain productivity and to entertain people with illness so that they can feel pain. Thus, here are some items you may need before emerging into your craft project

9 Tips on Using Luxury Wall Decor for Living Room

There are countless possibilities to turn your living room into an intrigued living space but have you ever thought about how to refresh your once empty walls and transform them into stylish masterpieces? If not, check our nine tips on using luxury wall décor for living room, tips that suit all tastes and views.

Famous Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”― David MitchellA spiritual land of the Islamic religion, Saudi Arabia is a mysterious and extraordinary destination that has many adventures to offer.  A socially conservative place with Arabian hospitality, this glittering country is a unique destination and an unfamiliar self-discovery journey for every traveler. Thus, let us explore together its famous places to visit.

Tesla begins taking orders for its Solar Roof

These exoskeletons will help you workElon Musk's plan to make every roof beautiful and power generating is underway.Tesla announced Wednesday that it is accepting $1,000 deposits for its Solar Roof, CEO Musk's vision for elegantly building solar power into homes. It also launched an online calculator so home owners can understand the costs associated with a Solar Roof. 

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Living room carpets for Your Home

Are you looking to upgrade your space in a way that adds instant texture and warmth to it? Do you want to get a colorful new look that will spruce up your living room? This can be done with a carpet. Yes, this little thing can do magic. Use our guide to choose the right living room carpets with little effort.

How to Choose Bedroom curtain ideas

Furnishing or redecorating a house can be something very exciting to do. You may have great ideas and fun projects to implement. You are probably thinking about new colors and new design styles too. One room however might differ from the others. While decorating the bedroom, you must think beyond styles and colors. Why? The designs you choose to implement in the bedroom might affect your sleeping pattern known as circadian rhythm which affect in its turn your physical and mental health. And when it comes to design, one element you cannot overlook, which is of course the curtains. #Curtains can change the mood of the whole room. Unlike living room curtains which purpose might or might not be to stop the light, the #bedroom curtains have an important role when it comes to this matter so that light don’t affect sleep.

10 things to do in Luxembourg tourism

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe. It has a strategic location being between Belgium, France and Germany. However, this prime location make tourists overlook it in favor of its bigger neighbors. Don’t be mistaken though. It has  the best  family vacation spots.  From personal experience, all tourists attractions near me were full of beauty, #culture and fun things to do. If you are looking for best places to vacation in, well Luxembourg is definitely the place to be.

What Does an Audio Visual Technologies Do? We Break It Down

The way we live and interact with our surroundings have enormously change with the constant evolution in technology more specifically in audio visual technologies. Audio visual equipment enhance comfort, security, and sustainability.  They help you be in control of all sorts of devices in your home like your TV, stereo, lighting, alarms, air conditioning, and even your coffee machine.  What are the audio presentation system you need to make your appartment a comfy one? Here are 5 types of audio visual technologies you will need to take it to the next level. 

5 Best art gallery and Exhibitions in Dubai to Get Your Art Fix At

What elevates your home style and décor more than luxurious or stunning pieces of arts hanging around your space. If you are currently in the process of furnishing your new home and you have some taste for art, this blog will introduce you and expose you to our top five picks for the best art galleries in Dubai where you can get your art fix at. 

الأسرار التي تحتاجها لديكور أنيق من أثاث مهترئ Shabby Chic

قد تتساءل ، كيف يمكن للديكور أن يكون مهترئا، باليا ، رثًا وأنيقا في الوقت نفسه؟ هذا النوع من التصميم معروف باسم Shabby Chic يهدف أن يبرز القطع القديمة.  ينطبق هذا على الأثاث الأنيق المتهالك حيث يبحث المصممون عن علامات مؤشرات العمر, ثم يتم تجديدها وإصلاحها بطريقة تبدو وكأنها كلاسيكية lk دون أن تتضرر فعليًا. ينطبق هذا بشكل أساسي على الأثاث الخشبي الذي يمكن طلاؤه أو قصه. يُعرف التصميم الأنيق المتهالك باستخدام اللون الأبيض والمواد الطبيعية. تُستخدم النباتات والزهور بكثرة في هذا النوع من التصميم الداخلي لضمان الأناقة.

منزل من تصميم كيلي ويرستلر سوف تعشقونه

كيلي ويرستلر مصممة أميركية معروفة بأسلوبها العصري، وغالباً ما تتخطى الحدود. تشتهر كيلي ويرستلر بأسلوبها الرائع في كل شيء، تمتاز باختياراتها للخلفيات وحتى الأدوات المنزلية والإضاءة. علامتها عبارة عن مزيج من الفخامة والحداثة. صمّمت كيلي ويرستلر الفنادق والمطاعم والمنازل والديكورات الداخلية للمحلات التجارية الفخمة، ورغم ذلك، هي تعشق تصميم منازل صغيرة. ولأن هذه المنازل الضيّقة المريحة التي تتسم بالأبداع يمكن أن تلهمك، اخترنا أن نشارككم تصميما لمنزل شاطئي بعيدا عن مشاريع الفنادق والمتاحف الفخمة التي نفذتها كيلي.

Salone del Mobile 2021

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Italian studio Pedrali 2021 collection. How the pandemic affected the market, and what are the latest innovations and trends, in this special interview with Nicola Pedrali from Salone del Mobile 2021 from Milan.

The Peacock Throne by Visionnaire

In a strong statement of presence, the Italian design company Visionnaire a famous Italian company and a pioneering Meta-luxury ( using metal for luxury designs) design company, showcased one of their exquisite creations in the Salone Del mobile in Milan as a salute to nature and nature’s abundant elements of great inspirations.

Dining room. how to decide on size and shape

DINING ROOM: HOW TO DECIDE ON THE SIZE AND SHAPE. WHAT ARE THE ESSENTIALS FOR ELEGANT CLASSY DINING ROOM?Thorough planning of dining room are laborous but fun especially when you’re having the thought of the people who’ll be sitting in, eating, entertaining and totally, you’re planning a dining room for enjoying family dinner and festivities and of course who doesn’t want a elegant classy dining room for their family? We put on our guides for creating a space for dining with class and style.

Create A Work Environment At Home

Every rising entrepreneur dreams to work from home comfortably. As the primary aim is to achieve financial freedom, it is also to have utmost convenience at your home without hampering work. But sometimes comfort can turn into discomfort, if your workspace is not equipped with workable furniture or environment. It is easy to get trapped in laziness if you are working in your bedroom. Now the question is to what you need to make a work environment at home in low budget and maintain home décor as well? Answer is here. 

What Colors Fit Your Bedroom And The Best Colors

 Everyone has a favorite place. It might be some café or a spot in the hills. But there isn't a place that is more favorite than your bedroom. 

Tips for Choosing and Buying Rugs

Carpeting your rooms give it a cozy finish and might be exactly what you need to finally make it feel like home. Online shopping for rugs have made the purchase easier and this basic guide can help you navigate the marketing jargon so you don’t end up paying over your head for that fake flying carpet.

Tips For Lighting Your Bedroom

Some people like it dim, some like it bright, while others love the neon. Bedroom lights come in many forms and you have a huge catalogue to sort through. There are some technical factors to consider, of course, which can help you create your first bedroom decor shortlist.

The Essentials For Terrace Space

Roof terrace can be your perfect space for reading your favorite book or having a cup of coffee. A beautiful and functional roof can make the time spent on roof tops more than amazing! 


Not all the time you have to match elements of design to provide aesthetically pleasing space, sometimes,  you have to mix in between contrasting colors and styles for fresh, vibrant and new look though it can be difficult, complicated and tremendous. 

Designers are craving colors and outdoors

Another effect of the calamity of a Pandemic was the reaction to the lost contact with the outdoor, with nature and what it has to offer in terms of light and color.