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Luxury is in each detail!

Luxury is in each detail! This Picture is from a Private Residence in Monteverde- designed and furnished by Hajj Concept  

Two Storks

Beautifully detailed and skilfully rendered This pair of wading storks creates a striking accent for the garden or pool.

Random splurges

There are and will be times that you come across works of art that look like they are made up of random splurges. Others are, like Mark Rothko's works, only a few colours, and look very simple.


Born in Syria in 19521978 – 1984: Studies of Arts at the Kunstakademie, Munster/GermanySince1983: many exhibitions first in Germany then in most European countries: Belgium, France, Spain, Holland, Hungary, UK…Honored with an exhibition at Salon d’Automne, one of the most prestigious galleries in Paris. 

Porto Arabia, Board Walk

CLIENT               : UDC CONSULTANT  : Dar Al Handasah CONTRACTOR : CAT International ACTIVITIES       : Facade, Landscape, Interior Lighting COMPLETED     : 2007

Vertical Blind .. From Obstruction To Complete Opening

From obstruction to complete opening, The vertical awning decorates and protects from the sun while allowing to modulate the light efficiently through the orientation of its blades.