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At Home, Rebuilding a Better Quality of life.

What do we mean when we talk about quality of life? What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Most of us confuse it with standard of living. However, quality of life goes beyond that. Standard of living is directly living with your income, but it doesn’t have a direct effect on your quality of life. Quality of life includes your total happiness, your health, vitality, and leisure. Of course, money can help you achieve a good life but not everyone with money is happy. Here are some ways where you can increase your happiness at home without having to invest in a big budget.

Tips on How to Choose Mattress

Next to the dining room, the bedroom, or kitchen island or modern living room is where you like to spend longer hours for relaxation and sleep.  It becomes more inviting when you have the right kind of mattress. Resting after a long day at work or in school can recharge your body for the activities that await you the following day. 

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Effective uses of green architecture

With the increasing concern for the environment, green architecture is gaining popularity and taking ecofriendly measures while designing buildings has become crucial. From residential structures to multifunctional public facilities, architects are applying strategies in their design to reduce energy consumption and our carbon footprint. Here are 6 effective and elegant uses of green architecture & design that can save the generations of tomorrow. 

Minimalist Interior Design Defined and How to Make it Work

Minimalist interior design is the concept of designing uncluttered spaces with the bare essentials. It is known for its clean lines, simple objects, and one-color palette with bold colors used as an accent. 

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Living room carpets for Your Home

Are you looking to upgrade your space in a way that adds instant texture and warmth to it? Do you want to get a colorful new look that will spruce up your living room? This can be done with a carpet. Yes, this little thing can do magic. Use our guide to choose the right living room carpets with little effort.

Focus On Design: Extra Space in a Small Home

Whatever the size of a home, we find ourselves in need of more space. We all search to maximize our space to feel that our home is spacious, homey and welcoming.