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Tesla begins taking orders for its Solar Roof

These exoskeletons will help you workElon Musk's plan to make every roof beautiful and power generating is underway.Tesla announced Wednesday that it is accepting $1,000 deposits for its Solar Roof, CEO Musk's vision for elegantly building solar power into homes. It also launched an online calculator so home owners can understand the costs associated with a Solar Roof. 

Air-conditioning New Specifications

Experts from everywhere throughout the world always look to enhance the air conditioning systems in all kinds of ways ever from the time when they were invented. Just to make ACs function more efficient & properly, new air conditioning technologies are brought in every year.

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roula azrak 1 review
Red Barrel 1 review

Saudi Arabia’s booming home automation market

The future of the smart home automation market in Saudi Arabia looks attractive with opportunities in the safety and security, HVAC, entertainment, and lighting control applications. The major growth drivers for this market are increasing consumer need for simplicity and a personalized experience, growing awareness related to safety and security, and the adaption of cloud-based technologies. 

How Green Architecture is Making a Difference in Real Life

Humans have exhausted the planet!They do not understand the sacred relationship that relates them to it.

How Smart Door Lock Has Made Smart Homes Fancier

Smart door locks are one of the best ways to enter into home automation. This special gadget gives a more functional and fancier look to your front door. Why use digital door locks in the first place? 


People always cherish the happy moments they have spent together. They may not remember what they have eaten back or what clothes they have put on, but they will always remember how they felt back then. Thus, plan a party that your guests will surely enjoy, and transform this event into an unforgettable memory by following the below party planning tips.

What Does an Audio Visual Technologies Do? We Break It Down

The way we live and interact with our surroundings have enormously change with the constant evolution in technology more specifically in audio visual technologies. Audio visual equipment enhance comfort, security, and sustainability.  They help you be in control of all sorts of devices in your home like your TV, stereo, lighting, alarms, air conditioning, and even your coffee machine.  What are the audio presentation system you need to make your appartment a comfy one? Here are 5 types of audio visual technologies you will need to take it to the next level. 

Craftsmanship is having a presence in furniture

The impact of the Pandemic on interior design is very evident in Milan’s furniture fair. It looks as if patience and taking time in producing furniture were rediscovered.

Famous Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”― David MitchellSaudi Arabia is a country that can be summarized by four notions: extreme religious commitment, prophetic significance, strict and intolerable rules, and finally gender segregation. A spiritual land of the Islamic religion, this country is a mysterious and extraordinary destination that has been misunderstood for decades and which has many adventures to offer.