Which is preferable for your kitchen countertop: porcelain tile or natural stone?

No home is a living space without a kitchen. A kitchen is the most used room in a house, used each day to satisfy the nutritional needs of the family members. All of its key elements like the refrigerator, the stove, the appliances, the cabinets and the sink form pieces no house can survive without. It is also the room when members gather most of the time either for eating, preparing food, drinking coffee while sharing some jokes and playing cards while enjoying some snacks.  However, many home owners get confused on whether they should use porcelain tile or natural stone for their countertop. Here is a comparison between the two materials by listing the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them which will help any owner to decide on which choice to make.

6 reasons why porcelain tiles should be used in your next renovation

 If you are looking for building a new home or renovating an old one, then surely the materials to be used is a critical concern. To guarantee sustainability and long-term endurance, porcelain tiles are one of the best choices. Here are six reasons why they should be used: 

How to create a Boho Home Décor

Boho decor includes an eclectic mix of textures, colors, hues, and shades, giving a sense of laidback vibes.

Guiltless Plastic- Milan Design Week

As part of Milan Design week’s multiple exhibitions scattered around the street of Milan making the city an open art and culture Museum.

This Gulf Heritage House Simple Design Pays Homage To The Past

The traditional buildings in the Gulf are intriguing due to the applied details and specific methods of construction. Why do the entrances have varying angles before leading to the court? How do the Barageel (wind towers) work? And why is the Majlis (guest’s room) located next to the entrance? What is the purpose of using multiple decorated openings in living rooms or bedrooms? The architecture of these buildings has been designed and built to cater to people specifically within a culture and its environment; the details of this society are reflected in the features of buildings. Distinguishing elements of traditional architecture can be identified in the traditional Gulf house around various parts of the Arab world. The astonishing traditional houses of ancient Bahrain, the charming houses in old Kuwaiti Fareejs, and the wind-catchers of the houses in Dubai’s Bastakia district are all examples of how architecturally forward the traditional Arabic house was. 

Tips from a freelance interior designer in Dubai on how to add a touch of gold to your home with acc

If you have enough courage to go an extra mile in updating your home, then all you need is few small tips from a freelance interior designer in Dubai on how to add a touch of gold to your home with accessories. These tips will transform your home into a totally new place that you won’t be able to resist.

Are You Selecting The Correct Kitchen Appliance?

Creating an organized and functional kitchen relies on how well you choose your kitchen appliances and how much they match your needs and your personal styles. Here are some tips for selecting the correct appliance.

Exquisite transparency (or, what we learned from clicking the pause button)

Exquisite transparency (or, what we learned from clicking the pause button)
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Covid-19 is the first pandemic ever to affect humans the way it does. Its huge impact has touched every aspect of our lives in an unprecedented manner. When it comes to interior design, changes have occurred also

Genius Design: Tour This Stunning Waterfront Farmhouse

Farmhouse design is all the buzz these days in the stylistic layout world. More critically, it is a cherished and developing pattern with genuine individuals, not simply designers and innovators. Why all the prevalence? Since anybody and everybody can accomplish it. It is easy, and it's not costly. How extraordinary is that? Not exclusively is it effectively feasible yet in this speedy, cutting edge world is takes us back to our roots.