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Things To Do In Montenegro For Every Kind Of Traveler

You may not have heard of a small European country close to the borders of Croatia, called Montenegro. If you are about to book for a trip, then trust me when I tell you that this country is truly worth it. Between its stunning mountains and classy beaches, there are plenty of activities that suit every kind of traveler. So let me show you things I have done during my trip to Montenegro.

  • Things To Do In Montenegro For Every Kind Of Traveler
  • Things To Do In Montenegro For Every Kind Of Traveler
  • Things To Do In Montenegro For Every Kind Of Traveler
Things To Do In Montenegro For Every Kind Of Traveler
Things To Do In Montenegro For Every Kind Of Traveler
Things To Do In Montenegro For Every Kind Of Traveler


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    A beautiful highlight of this country, the coastal town Perast is was one of the right 
    places to go near me with its picturesque buildings and islands. Grab your stuff and head to one of the seafood delicious restaurants in front of the sea to have your lunch. Then drink a cup of coffee in one of the waterside cafes and enjoy the magnificent view.  


    You may get confused with the numerous beaches available there, but you surely don’t want to miss a day at one of the beaches of Montenegro, like Buljarica Beach or Ada Bojana. You can do some water sports or just sit under the beautiful hot sun and get some tanning.


    A Unesco World Heritage site and one of the best tourist attractions in the country, holding around 1.7M visitors this town is full of historical monuments, ancient architectures, old palaces, churches and buildings that goes back to the  15th century. It is one of the cheap places to travel to. Take a walk in its narrow old streets and try its Mediterranean cuisine or its homemade food. If you would like some religious moments, visit the famous Catholic cathedral in the bay of Kotor, called St. Tryphon and get astonished by its interior beautiful architecture.



    Kampana Tower

    For more historical structures in the old town of Kotor, check the Kampana Tower, most preferably at night when it is wonderfully lit. This fortress is huge and reminds you of the medieval period with its defensive big walls full of a deep sense of history. Climb this tower and enjoy the superb water underneath or take a shuttle in the boats and let the serene atmosphere blow your mind.



    Budva Riviera

    The center of the beach tourism and one of the places to visit near me during my trip to Montenegro, the Budva Riviera is a hot summer destination that attracts plenty of local and foreign visitors. Pamper yourself by staying in one of the luxurious five stars hotels there and admiring the lively environment filled with water activities, restaurants, special events and great shops.


    Sveti Stefen

    Next to Budva Riviera lays an islet and a fancy resort in Montenegro called Sveti Stefen. Once a fishing spot, this iconic destination is a small village filled with courtyards, narrow streets, paved lanes, tiny churches, markets and few shops. People come to it to have some relaxation contemplating its charming beauty going back to the 20th century.

    Mountain hiking

    Be happier, feel healthier and fill your body with a big dose of adrenaline by hiking in one of the mountains of Montenegro, where the nature and its surrounding will clear your mind from all negative thoughts and improve your mood instantly. The average of a daily organized trip may cost around 150 US Dollars if booked with a travel agency. Other outdoor activities are also available in this beautiful country like rock climbing, rafting, boating, paragliding, kayaking and others. Many travel agencies which prices are highly negotiable, will be there to assist you to organize your excursion and to help you transform your moments there into unforgettable ones.