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Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked

Roman, Byzantine, Persian, Mesopotamian, and all other lands acquired by the Early Muslim conquests in the seventh and eighth century inspired early Arabic architecture. As Islam moved to Southeast Asia, it was also impacted by Chinese and Indian architecture.

  • Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
  • Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
  • Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
  • Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
  • Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
  • Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
  • Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
  • Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
  • Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked
Arabs Best Architecture Firms Ranked


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    Later, it took on distinct characteristics in the shape of structures and the use of Islamic calligraphy, arabesques, and geometric motifs to decorate surfaces as wall arts.

    In the last 20 years the number of architecture companies has dramatically increased in the Arabic region. This is why it is important to be familiar with 10 of the best Arabic architecture firms. 

    In this blog I will try to introduce 10 of the best Arabic Architecture Firms that I chose according to the following criteria: Number of projects done, famous projects, number of employees and years of experience. 

    AGi architects Kuwait 


    Founded in 2006 by two brilliant men: Joaquin Perez- Goicoechea (Master in architecture and Master in Urban Design and Architecture) and Nasser B. Abulhasan(Doctorate in Architecture, Master in Architecture, and a Bachelor in Architecture and Urban Design). This architecture firm has over thirty multidisciplinary professionals from planners, architects interior designers landscape architects. With its exceptional technical approach to its projects, its management and special design AGi architects has gained an excellent reputation in Europe and Middle East due to their offices located in Madrid and Kuwait. 

    Dewan Architects and Engineers-UAE 


    Considered as one of the top architecture design and engineering company in the Gulf region and among the top 50 in the world, this company was founded By CEO and Chairman Mohamed Al Assam in 1984 in the United Arab Emirates. Today it has more than 230 staff members and 120 architects. Its philosophy combines local cultural heritage with long term environmental sustainability. Besides UAE it has numerous offices in Qatar, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and India. Three of its prominent and well-known projects are the Djibouti Kempinski, the Abu Dhabi Viceroy Yas Hotel and the Park Hyatt Resort in St Kitts in the Caribbean. 

    Arab Engineering Bureau-Qatar 


    With only 6 employees in 1991 lead by M.Jaidah, it has started as the first engineering and architectural consulting company in Qatar. Today it includes more than 450 professionals from over 33 nationalities worldwide. It also has offices in Manila, Kuala Lumpur and of course in Abu Dhabi and in Doha. This company has done more than 1000 projects including civic, educational, commercial, residential and historic preservation projects for many clients around the Gulf and Asia. 

    Many successful projects should be noted like Al Shaqab Institute for girls, the Barzan Tower, Doha's Diplomatic Club and the Qatari embassy in Cyprus. 

    Draw Link- Dubai 


    This firm is an interior and architecture design company providing construction projects to their clients. Consisted by a group of architects, interior designers, engineers and project managers, this group was from in 1987 led by Dousser Chennoufi, a Tunisian Architect. Beside its head office in Dubai Draw Link Group has many offices in Shanghai, Tunis, Qatar and Minsk. Radisson Royal, Roberto's Restaurant, Hues Boutique Hotel are notable successful projects done by this firm to be mentioned. 

    U+A Architects – Dubai 


    Established in the Middle East, U+A Architects was founded by the partnership between Pierre Martin Dufresne and Pedram Rad, whom have over 20 years of combined experience in Canada, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. It has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Toronto and Jeddah. This firm is well-known in providing in all design disciplines innovative services and is characterized by paying detailed attention to novel aesthetic values. What makes this company special is its practical approach combined with innovative beauty from the start of design without neglecting the technical considerations whether mechanical, structural, architectural and long-term environmental sustainability. 


    Khatib & Alami- Beirut 




    Founded in 1959 by Prof Munir Khatib, this firm has more than 500 architects and around 3200 staff members. Its headquarters is located in Lebanon but has widely spread to Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Qatar, UAE, Palestine, Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco Sudan, Iraq, Lybia, Algeria ae well as across Europe and Caucuses! With over 50 years of experience it provides consulting in projects in planning, architecture, construction, transportation, structural engineering, airports, ports, irrigation, landscaping, light rail networks and environmental engineering. One of Khatib & Alami's greatest projects is Motor City Green Community in Dubai. 


    Zuhair Fayez Partnership- Jeddah


    With around 3000 staff members and more than 300 architects this firm was founded in 1975 by the architect Zuhair Fayez in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia. With other offices in Riyadh, Damman, Medina and Mecca, Cairo, Manila, Dubai and Hyderabad, Zuhair Fayez Partnership is considered as the largest architecture firm in Saudia Arabia! This company is known for providing projects in architecture, interior design, engineering and project management for construction projects. It is important to mention one of ZFP's most recent projects: The High Technology Park Buildings for Pension Fund in Riyadh. Other notable projects are the King Fahd Hospital expansion, the King Khalid University and King Faisal University. 


    Al Hatmy Engineering Consultants- Oman 


    Founded in 1978 by Ali Al Hamdani, this firm headquarters is located in Muscat, Oman. Currently it has around 320 staff members and more than 30 architects. Actually it has also many offices in Africa, Pakistan and UAE. With an average of 40+ projects per year .The most recent projects of this company is a building in Dubai Marina, also a sports complex in Oman and the Royal Dar Es Salaam Golf Course in Tanzania. 

    This firm has a current turnover of 800 million dollar working in many fields like Management and Planning Services, Economic and Engineering, Feasibility Studies, Design Services, Construction Services,Project Management, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Building Services and Project Management. 


    Mohamed Salahuddin Consulting Engineering Bureau- Bahrain 


    Mohamed Salahuddin Consulting Engineering Bureau (MSCEB) was established by its Mohamed Salahuddin in 1970 in Bahrain. Similar to other firms, MSCEB offers wide a range of integrated design and construction services. Its greatest credibility comes from the names of its clients! It includes powerful government companies, royal families and influential state agencies. MSCED’s core speciality is recreational sites designs and sporting facilities. Among MSCEB’s more known and successful projects are Motor city, the Prince Khalifa Park, the well-known Renaissance Hotel in Dubal and Bahrain Sports Training Centre. 


    Dubarch Architects Engineers- Dubai 



    Dubarch Architects Engineers was founded by Amir Rahbar and Ahmed Al Banna in 1986. Dubarch’s philosophy combines beautiful design with functionality and efficiency. Its reputation for quality and innovative styling had helped Dubarch Architects Engineers reach an extensive range of clients including Dubai Government Real Estate Company, Abu Dhabi Tourism and Investment Company and Dubai Commercial Bank. Its well-known projects are Dubai’s Shangri La Hotel and The National Bank of Dubai building. 

    Honorable mentions:

    Zaha Hadid Architects-London


    Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi-British architect, is known for her extremely futuristic architecture, which has bending façades, sharp angles, and harsh materials like concrete and steel. Her constructions successfully accomplished what so many people find so perplexing about great architecture: she took the world's strongest materials and manipulated them to create objects that appear both soft and sturdy at the same time.

    Her work has been recognized with numerous awards over the previous two decades. When Hadid, 65, died abruptly in a Miami hospital in 2016, the world lost a true visionary.

    Today her firm, Zaha Hadid Architects has done more than 950 projects in 44 countries and considered as one of the best in architecture worldwide. 

    Of course there are many more successful and prominent Arab architecture firms  that aren't mentioned in this blog. Firms that are brilliant with wood design (wood tables) or with lighting systems (floor lamp) or even with electric stuff such as electric grill. To conclude, Arabs are currently on the top among the best nations in architecture worldwide.

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