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50 Ideas to Secure your House

Your family is the most important people in your life. Break-in can happen in your neighborhood anytime. Keeping your family safe is your prime concern as a parent. How do you protect your home (modern living room) and your family? 

  • 50 Ideas to Secure your House
  • 50 Ideas to Secure your House
  • 50 Ideas to Secure your House
50 Ideas to Secure your House
50 Ideas to Secure your House
50 Ideas to Secure your House


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    Oftentimes, burglary happens because house owners have been neglectful in doing basic safety measures. To avoid being victims of neighborhood theft, security systems can be installed in your house. Technology has improved nowadays as various home security companies come up with better products from alarm system to security cameras. Sales from home security systems increase by about 20% each year.  

    Burglar-proof your home


    Better safe than sorry. Because your family’s safety comes first, you must make sure your home is burglar-proof. 

    The following ideas can help you increase your home’s security. 

    1. Invest in a good burglar alarm system not only because it deters burglars but primarily because it is connected to the police station and you can get help immediately. 



    2. Install deadbolt locks and sure that anyone trying to break-in will have a really tough time.




    3. Have a peephole or wide-angled door viewer to know who’s knocking on your front door. 


    4.  Set up a motion-detector spotlights or flood lights,  or floor lamp to scare off any intruder.



    5.  Reflective numbers will make it easier for the police to find your location in case there’s a burglar in your house

    6.  Secure your windows using polycarbonate & Plexiglas windows for better protection. 


    7.  Reinforce your windows using secure materials like tempered glass or laminated glass; iron bars can also be used for added security. 

    8.   Use door jammers or other door-blocking devices to secure doors in your house (kitchen modern design)


    9.  Put strong window locks especially in the basement and first level windows; use simper double deadbolt locks in upper levels. 

    10. Use strong metal bars on sliding doors to secure them.

    11. Change existing door hinges with interior type of hinges.

    12. Be sure to change all locks when you moved in a new house.

    13. Put outside lighting in the entrance of your house and in your garage.

    14. Gravel driveway can be a good deterrent to burglars; you can detect their presence with their footsteps.

    15. Ensure that wirings for the alarm system are concealed so burglars can’t cut them off.

    16. It is equally important to install basement security systems.


    17.  If you live in warm climate, plant thorny bushes where burglars can’t hide when they watch your house. 

    18. Put deterrent decals in your gate like “Beware of Dogs” or “Security Cameras Installed”.



    19. Your alarm code must be safe like your ATM pin. Share only to members of your family. 

    20. Do not forget to test if your home security system works. 


    21.  Have a dog to guard your house and scare away potential burglars.

    22. Fix things immediately like a broken windows or locks that are not working.

    Everyday safety tips


    When you leave for work and your kids go to school, your house is an easy target for burglars. 

    Do not let this happen by keeping in my mind the following tips to protect your home and properties.


    23. Lock your door house always even if you’re just going on a quick errand.