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6 Best Safety Lockers To Keep Your Items Safe

A safe locker is a secured container – usually a metal box – used to keep valuables, important documents, sentimental keepsakes, and keys protected and out of the way of intruders. Home lockers have gained nowadays popularity as these smart devices help in keeping our valuables safe at home. Safety lockers are designed to withstand natural disasters as well such as fires, floods, etc. You can put there contracts, business papers, bond certificates, along with small collectibles and family heirlooms. 

  • 6 Best Safety Lockers To Keep Your Items Safe
  • 6 Best Safety Lockers To Keep Your Items Safe
  • 6 Best Safety Lockers To Keep Your Items Safe
6 Best Safety Lockers To Keep Your Items Safe
6 Best Safety Lockers To Keep Your Items Safe
6 Best Safety Lockers To Keep Your Items Safe


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    Actually, you may deposit in your safe locker all the important items that you won’t need frequent access to such as: personal papers, copies of powers of attorney, school diplomas, important contracts, hard drives, valuable jewelry, business records. Another fact you should consider when using safety lockers is that it is better not to access them 24/7, so it’s best not to put anything in them that might be needed in a hurry. Therefore, you are better off keeping the following items out of the safe locker: passports, single copies of living wills, valuables you have not insured, cash, anything illegal. Choosing a home locker depends on factors such as the desired use of the locker, size and weight, storage capacity, fire protection, water resistance, burglary protection, other safety features such as locking mechanisms and warranty.


    Typically, a small to a mid-sized locker with a maximum of 15 liters’ volume capacity and electronic locking is best suited for a home as it can easily store the precious jewelry, valuables and documents. However, you can decide as per your specific needs. We list for you below the most popular and safest home lockers:


    Wood-paneled safety locker


    Premium home safe with a wood paneling. This diplomat safe is made for high end users craving a robust security solution. The amazing veneer paneling gives it a luxurious look, and with fire resistance technology, your valuables will remain valuable. 



    Portable safety locker

    Secure your belongings in a handy portable security case, when you visit the beach, gym, pool, or when you are travelling. The security case can be easily tethered by a steel wire and is also water-resistant. This portable safety locker, which barely weighs one pound, can help secure your valuables during outings. It can fit all of your important things in your life, including your wallet, phone, a small camera, and jewellery. Moreover, when you go to the beach, the most common dilemma is what to do with your stuff while you are swimming and no relative or friend is looking after your things. With this portable safe, you can rest assured that nothing will be stolen!




    Kids safe


    Saving is a habit best learned at a young age. Gift your child a cute and non-breakable GULAK, kids safe, and teach them the importance of saving money. 





    Digital safe


     You can also opt for a digital safety locker and stop worrying about losing or breaking the safe’s keys. That way, no burglar will be able to break your safety locker unless he knows the security pin. It should be noted that locksmiths are trained to work on electronic safes, along with traditional ones. So, try not to automatically call in a locksmith if you encounter any issue with your safe, and attempt diagnosing the problem yourself, bearing in mind that it could be as simple as depleted batteries, or disconnected keypad. If your batteries are depleted, for instance, you can use the override key to open the safe, and open with it the override lock which can be accessed without having the safe open.



    Jewellery safety locker


    Secure your precious gemstones and valuable jewellery items with a security system deserving of your heirlooms. This Honeywell jewellery safe cushions our jewels, preserves them and keep them safe from impostors. 




    Digital key cabinet safe


    An amazing choice of digital key cabinets for your house. You can hang all the keys you use whether for your cars, house, or even other safety lockers!