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Minimalist Interior Design Defined and How to Make it Work

Minimalist interior design is the concept of designing uncluttered spaces with the bare essentials. It is known for its clean lines, simple objects, and one-color palette with bold colors used as an accent. 

8 Ways to Design the Bedroom Retreat of Your Dreams

You start your day in this room and you end your day in it, so why don’t you make it look fabulous? After a long hectic day, all you need to do is jump in your bed, sleep and start dreaming, but you cannot do this if your bedroom is not comfortable…Always remember that a good relaxing night creates a great day.

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How to Choose Bedroom curtain ideas

Furnishing or redecorating a house can be something very exciting to do. You may have great ideas and fun projects to implement. You are probably thinking about new colors and new design styles too. One room however might differ from the others. While decorating the bedroom, you must think beyond styles and colors. Why? The designs you choose to implement in the bedroom might affect your sleeping pattern known as circadian rhythm which affect in its turn your physical and mental health. And when it comes to design, one element you cannot overlook, which is of course the curtains. #Curtains can change the mood of the whole room. Unlike living room curtains which purpose might or might not be to stop the light, the #bedroom curtains have an important role when it comes to this matter so that light don’t affect sleep.

How to have an Arabian Style for Living Room Designs

Welcome to the world of Arab style living rooms, where elegance, culture, and a touch of mystique come together to create a captivating ambiance. From the mesmerizing wall arts to the functional and decorative elements like antique mirrors and canvas paintings, an Arab style living room is a true reflection of Arabian charm. In this article, we will explore the key decorative elements, oriental ornaments, and kitchen setup that can transform your living room into an enchanting oasis.

How to instantly make any piece of furniture look much better

Clean all stains.It may appear that staining rather than painting your vintage furniture is a better choice. You'll get a new look of your wood tables this way.Begin by removing all of the wood from the structure. Sand your object lightly with sandpaper, then vacuum or clear away the dust. Apply a few coats of wood conditioner to create a more evenly finished surface. After that, massage the wood stain with a soft cloth. For a more gleaming finish, apply a coat of polyurethane.


When furnishing your new home, you should pay close attention and give time to think about the design and decoration of your living room, since it is a major room is any kind of houses. It is the place where you would mostly spend most of your time in it, and it is also the area where you would be welcoming your guests. In this blog, we will be giving you some tips and tricks on how to design and decorate a living space perfectly: from the general aspect of the space to the walls and curtains. 

Design bedroom & Furnishing Palm Font O Villa

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Style your home with these 25 Mediterranean interior décor ideas

Mediterranean style design is inspired by countries located on the Mediterranean shore. It has become a top design choice for minimalism fanatics. If you’re looking for interior decor ideas to make your house stand out, brace yourself for some outstanding Mediterranean interior room decor ideas coming your way!