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How to Choose Bedroom curtain ideas

Furnishing or redecorating a house can be something very exciting to do. You may have great ideas and fun projects to implement. You are probably thinking about new colors and new design styles too. One room however might differ from the others. While decorating the bedroom, you must think beyond styles and colors. Why? The designs you choose to implement in the bedroom might affect your sleeping pattern known as circadian rhythm which affect in its turn your physical and mental health. And when it comes to design, one element you cannot overlook, which is of course the curtains. #Curtains can change the mood of the whole room. Unlike living room curtains which purpose might or might not be to stop the light, the #bedroom curtains have an important role when it comes to this matter so that light don’t affect sleep.

  • How to Choose Bedroom curtain ideas
  • How to Choose Bedroom curtain ideas
  • How to Choose Bedroom curtain ideas
  • How to Choose Bedroom curtain ideas
  • How to Choose Bedroom curtain ideas
How to Choose Bedroom curtain ideas
How to Choose Bedroom curtain ideas
How to Choose Bedroom curtain ideas
How to Choose Bedroom curtain ideas
How to Choose Bedroom curtain ideas


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    This comes in addition that bedroom curtains have an important role to protect the privacy of the room owner as the bedroom is actually considered as a comfort zone. Considering all this, how should you choose your curtains? Happy shopping while surfing this #guide for bedroom curtain ideas.


    Curtains or drapes?


    First of all, you must figure out if your room needs curtains or drapes. But what is the #difference ? However, choosing one or another can affect the amount of light entering your room. Curtains are #fabric panel that usually permit the entrance of a good amount of sunlight. They are mostly used for privacy reasons making it a perfect option for living room curtain ideas.

    Drapes on the other hand are made of thicker material that are made to block sunlight which is perfect for a bedroom.


     Bedroom with a Minimalist Home Interior



    The color

    The color of your curtains should go well with the rest of the room furniture’s and #accessories . It can be in harmony with the décor or in the contrary contrast it. A good tip would be to take into consideration the shade of your walls. 


    pacious bedroom with decorated wall


    Prints or solid?


    There is no right answer for this question. It really depends on the rest of the décor. If you opted for soft colors for the other furnishing of the room, then going for printed colors creates and interesting contrast. The opposite holds true as well. However, do not forget that prints add visual weight to any room. That’s why, always pair printed curtains with printed cushions and other accessories like rugs or nightstand lamps. The prints differ with the style of the bedroom. They can be geometrical if the room is of contemporary style or they can be floral in a modern classic and traditional décor.


    nterior of room corner with table and mirror for woman


    The ideal length 


    It is fashionable to have curtains that fall exactly on the floor. You can always opt for a size that is longer by a few centimeters to have a more romantic look. In that way, the drapes puddle beautifully on the floor. On the other hand, if it is a kids bedroom, leave the curtains a couple of centimeters of the floor to avoid any mess and not to put your kids in danger. Another classic yet very chic option is to end the curtains at the sill for smaller windows. 

    pacious bedroom with glass wall in apartment


    Have you thought about maintenance?

    Do not forget to choose the fabric and material based on how much maintenance they need. The fabric and material determines how often and how they should be cleaned. As a ground rule, all curtains must be washed every 3 to 6 months. Some fabric can be washed in the machine while others need more care and require being hand washed.


    Follow these general rules: 


    low maintenance fabrics:  These types are usually washed twice to three times a year. Usually they include cotton or synthetic fabric. They can be machine washed if unlined (hurray!). they are a great option if someone has dust allergies or you have any kids or pet at home.

    PS: if you are prone to allergies, no matter the type of the curtain, vacuum your drapes on a weekly basis. 


    High maintenance fabrics: if you curtain has pleats or swags they must be dry cleaned. Wool, silk and sheer curtains must be dry cleaned or hand washed in cold water so that the color don’t fade and the shape is retained.


    mpty room interior with parquet and curtains at home





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