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Tips on How to Choose Mattress

Next to the dining room, the bedroom, or kitchen island or modern living room is where you like to spend longer hours for relaxation and sleep.  It becomes more inviting when you have the right kind of mattress. Resting after a long day at work or in school can recharge your body for the activities that await you the following day. 

  • Tips on How to Choose Mattress
  • Tips on How to Choose Mattress
  • Tips on How to Choose Mattress
  • Tips on How to Choose Mattress
  • Tips on How to Choose Mattress
  • Tips on How to Choose Mattress
  • Tips on How to Choose Mattress
Tips on How to Choose Mattress
Tips on How to Choose Mattress
Tips on How to Choose Mattress
Tips on How to Choose Mattress
Tips on How to Choose Mattress
Tips on How to Choose Mattress
Tips on How to Choose Mattress


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    Researchers say that sleep is important to keep you healthy and alert. Consequently, sleep deprivation can be harmful to your body and mind. Lack of restful sleep can result to diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke, including obesity, anxiety and depression.


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    This is the very reason why you must know which type of mattress is right for you. 

    How to choose mattress

    Buying a new mattress or replacing an old one can be difficult. These tips will help you decide.

    1. Age of your mattress.  If you’ve been sleeping poorly and your mattress is more than 8 years old, then it is time to get a new one.

    2. Type of mattress. There are various kind of mattress to choose from- latex, memory foam, coil, hybrids, pillow-top or adjustable. 

    3. Sleeping position.  Your sleeping position also determines the firmness or comfort level of the mattress. 

    Sleeping Position
    Firmness Level
     (1-10 Range)
    Good for back and  stomach sleepers

    Very   Firm
    Good for back and
    stomach sleepers

    Medium   Firm
    Good for back, stomach   and
    side sleepers

    Good for side   and
    back sleepers

    Good for side   and
    back sleepers
    9-10Very soft

    4. Firmness levels. Use comfort scale rating to find which mattress you like. The normal firmness level is between 5 and 7 out of 10. 

    5. Weight and body type. The foundation or base of the mattress is important to consider. It should be able to support your weight to ensure comfort. The total sink age and pressure points will determine what kind of aupport your mattress must have. 

    6. Budget. Price doesn’t always guarantee the best quality mattress for your need. As mentioned above, there are other factors to consider. However, the ideal budget for a good mattress will be near US$1,000. Never settle for anything below US$500.


    Types of mattress

    What type of mattress do you need? You don’t buy a mattress for its brand name or look. 

    Here are the 6 common  types of mattress. Which one best fits your sleeping position, firmness level and budget? 

    Memory Foam

    Many sleepers like memory foams because of its “hug “feel, body contouring and pressure relief. It also gives support while you sleep. Newer memory foams released in the market are cooler than the old versions of memory foams. This was the result of many bad feedbacks in the past that memory foams were warm. Nowadays, you can enjoy 

    better-quality of memory foams for a good price. 


    Hybrid mattresses come from the combination of latex, coils, memory, polyurethane foams and other materials. Hybrids combine the benefits of bounce, cooling and sensitivity as well as great support and pressure relief. 

    If you want a quality mattress that answers all your needs for comfortable and relaxing sleep, this is the best choice. 


    This is the most common and traditional mattress type we all know. The inner spring or coils provide comfort and support. The coil is made of steel spring material placed in one or two layers. Newer versions of coil mattresses though have bigger number of coils for better support, bounce and comfort.


    Latex mattresses are popular for the comfort and cooling characteristics they have. If you are looking for comfort, bounce, responsiveness and cooling while you sleep, you must choose a latex mattress. 


    Some bedrooms and bed design in a room decor have soft and padded-like comfortable mattresses called pillow-top. This type of mattress is best for people who prefer a cloud-like supporting feel from a soft layer of material that is sewn or stuffed into the cover. It also has a two-layer of coils underneath the pillow-top. 


    For sleepers with specific needs for comfortable mattresses, an adjustable type is what they need. These mattresses have adjustable properties for elevating the feet and inclining the back. They also come with strong adjustable support or base. 

    A few of this type of mattresses are also built to relieve medical conditions such as chronic lower back pains and snoring. They are also best older patients for better sleep. 

    Some of the best mattresses have brand or manufacturer’s names such as Heliz, Leesa, Tuff & Needle, Casper, Bear, Loom and Leaf, eve, Dromma Bed, 4Sleep and Sapira. Check them out and find out about their mattress warrantee offers.