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11 beautiful living room wallpaper designs

There are plenty of ways to decorate a living room and transform it into a luxurious setting. One of the methods that interior designers use the most is wallpaper designs. Hence, here are eleven beautiful wall decor for living room inspired by famous experts.


  • 11 beautiful living room wallpaper designs
  • 11 beautiful living room wallpaper designs
  • 11 beautiful living room wallpaper designs
11 beautiful living room wallpaper designs
11 beautiful living room wallpaper designs
11 beautiful living room wallpaper designs


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    Family tree

    Family is the living entity that blooms a house and the love spirit that circulates inside it. Such a blessing can be reproduced into your house decoration by building a wooden family tree and sticking it on the living room wallpapers. On each branch stands a photo of a family member with his/her name below it. A family tree is a great decorative treasure.



    A sign of simplicity yet of elegance, a mirror inside a salon can never go wrong. Not only does it make the place look more spacious, it also reproduces the beauty of its furniture and reflects the outside natural lighting. It is mostly used as a wallpaper for bedroom but it looks awesome in a living room.

    Gold equipment

    Whether it is in the material or the color itself, Gold has always been used historically by emperors and kings as a decoration tool to add a touch of grandeur to their palaces. Feel free to hang any gold plated instrument on your wall or opt for a cheaper idea by using gold colored elements such as gold chandeliers or gold photo frames.


    A greenery scene inside your living room is a real paradise for nature lovers. How? Covering your walls with plants or flowers will not only revive your living room, but it will also spread positive vibes inside it. This colorful theme works with any design style and is a therapy for any soul.


    There is a secret behind the painter and his paintings. Escape your house while you are inside your house and delve into the imaginary world of art and the misery it brings, by hanging paintings on your walls. These pieces of art complement any style and match any adopted color.


    A traditional yet classy wall decoration is putting pictures with different shapes, colors or content on your walls, in a random way. They can be personal pictures or photos for celebrities you like or for some scenery of your choice. These photos will bring you back old memories or will express your preferences.


    Mostly suitable for bookworms, building shelves on which books are being disposed is another way to decorate your wall. Not only does this idea encourage you to read and educate yourself, it also adds beauty to your walls in an affordable and original way.

    Floral walls

    A fairytale design that highlights the beauty of nature and that is never outdated is a floral wall. Such a style with its plenty of colors goes with neutral colored furniture such as beige, white and gray and with simple accessories or neutral living room cabinets. Floral wall is an energetic design with a magical blend of colors.

    Matching items

    For a cohesive and monochrome look, try matching the wallpaper with your curtains or furniture. Having the same print creates a uniform theme and adds depth to your place. If you opt for matching your curtains, make sure the design is not very sophisticated with few colors or designs to avoid awkwardness and give comfort to the eye.


    Grant a statement to your walls and add some innovation to it by introducing some patterns of your choice. For small sized living rooms, the best patterns are the soft ones with neutral colors. For a big room, seek a fully-on pattern with more daring colors


    One color

    Why stress on a wallpaper design when one color print can gives you all the elegance you are looking for? Traditional yes but classy and charming design, a one color wallpaper goes with every design and every added furniture. Neutral colors are the best. However, daring ones like black, yellow, green and blue will give you an appealing ambience and a scene of calmness and luxury.

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