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World’s Most Expensive House

Antilia is the world most expensive house, The cost of this residential castle was one billion dollars in one of the poorest capitals in the world. Today it's value is above $2.2 billion.

Creating Modern Arabic Interior Design in 15 Simple Steps

Modern Arabic Interior Design is a lifestyle expression of the generation of today When it comes to Interior Design, it’s not as easy as it seems to choose which direction of style you’ll go with and you’ll definitely get dizzy searching in every corner of the world to find your best style. For that, we’ve done a tour around the globe and chose one of the most iconic Interior styles – just for you!

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12 best islamic art canvas print idea for home decor

Islamic workmanship includes the visual expressions delivered from the seventh century ahead by the two Muslims and non-Muslims who lived inside the domain that was possessed by, or governed by, socially Islamic populaces. 

This Gulf Heritage House Simple Design Pays Homage To The Past

The traditional buildings in the Gulf are intriguing due to the applied details and specific methods of construction. Why do the entrances have varying angles before leading to the court? How do the Barageel (wind towers) work? And why is the Majlis (guest’s room) located next to the entrance? What is the purpose of using multiple decorated openings in living rooms or bedrooms? The architecture of these buildings has been designed and built to cater to people specifically within a culture and its environment; the details of this society are reflected in the features of buildings. Distinguishing elements of traditional architecture can be identified in the traditional Gulf house around various parts of the Arab world. The astonishing traditional houses of ancient Bahrain, the charming houses in old Kuwaiti Fareejs, and the wind-catchers of the houses in Dubai’s Bastakia district are all examples of how architecturally forward the traditional Arabic house was. 

Traditional Houses In Saudi Arabia

Let's discover the traditional architectural criterias in Saudi Arabia before the Air Conditioning..

How to have an Arabian Style for Living Room Designs

Welcome to the world of Arab style living rooms, where elegance, culture, and a touch of mystique come together to create a captivating ambiance. From the mesmerizing wall arts to the functional and decorative elements like antique mirrors and canvas paintings, an Arab style living room is a true reflection of Arabian charm. In this article, we will explore the key decorative elements, oriental ornaments, and kitchen setup that can transform your living room into an enchanting oasis.

Vintage Islamic Home Wall Décor from the 1900s, with 10 Different Room Examples

Islamic homes are famous for their specific wall décor, especially in the 1900s. Muslims used to hang all kinds of tapestry that depict Islam-related scenes, framed quotes from the Holy Quran, well-designed prayer rugs, etc. Islamic home décor is very diversified and rich, besides being very religious and connected to the religion’s spirituality and concepts. Modern Islamic home wall décor has though turned into a less sophisticated and detailed art, with a light modern vibe that goes with the new trends. However, Islamic home wall decor in the 1900s echoed a lot more the Islamic religion and the Islamic traditions. So, if you are more of a vintage traditional style when it comes to Islamic home design, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we have narrowed the ideas down to our top 10 Islamic home decor ideas from the 1900s related to wall design in particular, adopted in many countries including Islamic home decor Canada and many other countries.

The Secrets You Need for Shabby Chic Styling

Looking for a tasteful, creative and authentic house styling? Shabby chic is the answer for you!