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Vintage home decor ideas


The shabby chic style as well as the vintage/antiquity thing is one of the trendiest modern interior design  in the home #decoration scene. Looking for antique and home decoration inspiration? There are a lot of ways to make your home a showcase of your most valuable findings. You can make a table out of suitcases or a kitchen island from an old workbench and here is how.

  • Vintage home decor ideas
  • Vintage home decor ideas
  • Vintage home decor ideas
  • Vintage home decor ideas
Vintage home decor ideas
Vintage home decor ideas
Vintage home decor ideas
Vintage home decor ideas


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    Choose a color theme:

    Adopting a vintage style is easier when you have a room that adopts one color palette. You can add then a dark leather #trunk to use as a coffee table for example in front of you beige sofa or add a #persian rug that can link some mismatched wood frames that you have put here and there in the room for a modern farmhouse décor.



    Choose a theme:

    Vintage is not synonym to #antique . Vintage can be from different eras in history. That’s why you can showcase your collectibles in a themed room. You can create a 1950’s room for example with funky #chairs and a jukebox.

    If I am a fan of the 1980’s I can look for a shop specialized in home decor near me and buy all kind of posters of the band I am fun of.


    Choose one corner

    No need to overwhelm yourself in the need to turn your house into a vintage museum. Start off with one room, on better yet, one corner to start decorating. This can be done by adding a simple rocking chair or an old mirror.


    Styling ideas

    In this section, we will guide you on how to style your room with vintage pieces without going overboard. 


    Got a stack of old books on your shelves or on a coffee table? Well, get rid of them and create a vintage wall full of books. This will definitely be a statement thing.

    Doors into headboards

    Forget about your boring headboard and go with a new styling vintage door. In that way you will escape this Deja-vu. Use the same color as your #bedroom furniture to get a rustic look. Add an extra vintage bedroom décor like a chandelier and you are good to go to link everything together.


    Vintage bar cart

    You said bar cart? Yes please! A bar cart is the perfect vintage #décor item you can get. It is multi-purpose, brings a chic touch t any room and extra storage space. You can display in it your shot glasses, crystal wine decanters and your beverage bottles. 

    Armoire in weird places

    You would think that the place of an armoire is always the bedroom for clothes. However, you can put the armoire in the living room to display some findings. A small tip will be removing the shelves so you can hide your TV or you can store in it extra blanket and pillows to your TV room.

    Sconce Lighting 

    Rustic scones instantly add a charm to any room. Adding them to your bathroom will give the space an instant charm and vintage old French look.


    Statement piece:

    Want to make a statement with your antique decor? Look for vintage pieces that are rich in history to stand out from the rest of the items in your home. An antique grandfather clock mixed with a velvet sofa can balance your vintage design. Or you can add a gold serving tray on a vintage wooden coffee table.