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Canopies & Awnings

Available in a range of styles and colors with optional extras, our canopies and awnings can be adapted to suit all architectural styles and are available in a varied range of designs, textures & combinations suitable for both commercial and residential uses.

Pool Lighting

Whether you have an in-groundpool or an above ground pool, search In the Swim for the perfect colorful underwater lights or an effortless floating LED light for your pool.

Lounge Tanning Ledges

Building a pool with renovations & modernizations can include: Design modifications to shape, depth, and style custom tile, stone, brick, and masonry slides, diving boards, and exercise swim jets expert deck repairs & replacement gunite spas, pools with waterfalls, fountains, and lighting resurfacing with resilient color quartz finish.

Artificial grass 10 mm

Artificial TURF This artificial grass is imitated from plastics produced by chemical synthesis so as to mimic some of its characteristics and appearance

Swimming Pools

Often the largest single investment in a new landscape, it is essential that the swimming pool is given due consideration.

Pathway lighting

Pathway lighting transforms a once daunting gateway entrance into a safely lit path for incoming visitors, while landscape lighting beautifully illuminates.

Outdoor collection Special pieces

Catch our Outdoor collection and Enjoy your Family Gathering with our Special pieces.