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 Home is where the heart is. You are the center of your home, after all. We believe you should show that. 

You have the opportunity to create a totally unique house with your home decor. Therefore, regardless of your personality—quirky, laid-back, smart, cool, maximalistic, awkward, sociable, or anything in between—adding that unique touch will make your house stand out.

Hints and tips for home decor

Choosing a theme and building off of it is the key to a successful home interior. Choosing one base color to serve as the foundation and then adding two to three contrasting colors and materials is an easy initial step. Your alternatives will be reduced, making it simpler to know what to seek for. Employ mood boards to gain ideas and observe the compatibility of the theme and color scheme you have picked.

It's time to start decorating once you've decided on a theme and color scheme. This is the enjoyable phase, although it's simple to get carried away and start putting stuff up randomly. Interior designers frequently employ a straightforward technique called still lifes to ensure that home accessories such as collage photo frame or sky Lantern leave a thoughtful impression and transform your space from cluttered to clean.

With still lifes, from disorder to order

Make sure you work with different heights and group your pieces in groups of three or five (the unequal number, trust us, makes all the difference). As an illustration, place three pots with various-sized plants next to each other in the window. Two gray books of varying sizes should be stacked on top of one another. A dark scented candle should be used to complete the still life. Alternately, try placing a larger artwork on top of a sideboard, followed by a smaller painting placed just in front of the larger one, and finally a pleasant smelling item in the middle. These are but a few options, so experiment with your accessories to see what looks best in your space.

Create your own gallery wall to decorate your home.

A gallery wall is another simple approach to really nail your home's decor. You can make something distinctive by combining various images, decorative paintings , posters, and canvas wall art or wall accents. Use photographs that adhere to a specific color scheme or frames that are the same hue to create a serene and cohesive impression. 

And here's a tip that will prevent your wall from needless holes if you're unsure of which frames to place where. 

Place paper squares cut to the same dimensions as your frames side by side on the ground. 

To obtain a better perspective on what works best, stand on a chair. 

Change the positions of the squares till you achieve a joyful outcome.
 But keep in mind that home furnishings and décor should be enjoyable.  So interior tips and tricks aside, rules are made to be broken.  Go banana and feel free to do as you wish!

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