Baby Bag - Gray - 2429

USD 120.74
Product Description

aby bag with a foldable bed and its accessories, water

•resistant, with the ability to carry it on the back, and the ability to store clothes and tools used for children, and a carrying area on both sides. Features: Front independent milk bottle holder. Aluminum foil insulation helps to save heat. Material: knitted fabric, waterproof coating, lining that distinguishes the 14 pockets, main compartment of the bag, insulation logic, mesh material, pure cotton separated and aluminum foil insulated. Folding step. Step 1 Unzip the front of the bag and slide it onto the front pocket. Step 2 Remove the bracket in the middle of the crib, and then spread the bracket flat. The third step: Spread the stand flat and then put it in its places on both sides of the bed.

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Length 50 CM
Width 30 CM
Height 20 CM