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Famous Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”― David Mitchell

A spiritual land of the Islamic religion, Saudi Arabia is a mysterious and extraordinary destination that has many adventures to offer.  A socially conservative place with Arabian hospitality, this glittering country is a unique destination and an unfamiliar self-discovery journey for every traveler. Thus, let us explore together its famous places to visit.

  • Famous Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia
  • Famous Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia
  • Famous Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia
Famous Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia
Famous Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia
Famous Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia


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    The holiest city in Saudi Arabia, Mecca attracts millions of Muslim tourists each year where the Hajj Pilgrimage duty is being made. The Hajj is a religious practice that must be performed at least once in a Muslim’s life, eliminating the believer’s old sins and clearing his mind and soul. In addition to that, Mecca is a livable city with plenty of activities and things to do. It holds sacred places like the Great Mosque, the Kaaba, and the black stone. Moreover, The Abraj Al-Bait tower there is known to be the tallest clock tower in the world, holding other world records also. Finally, Mecca is the birthplace of the prophet Muhamad, which makes it the center of the Islamic world, and a well-recognizable city worldwide.

    Al Masjid an Nabawi

    Also called the prophet’s Mosque, since it was built by Muhammad himself, Al-Masjid An Nabawi is the second largest mosque in the world. This mosque took many years to be completed with several changes and decorations in its constructions. Expressing modern Islamic architecture, what differentiates it the most, is the Green Dome on its top, where the tombs of the prophet Muhamad and other Islamic leaders were placed. Extended over one hundred meters, its stone foundations and mosaic décor render it unbelievably beautiful. Al-Masjid An Nabawi accommodates millions of visitors each year.



    Great Mosque of Mecca


    The worshipper’s most desired attraction and the world’s biggest mosque, the Great Mosque of Mecca or the Haram mosque is located in Mecca surrounding the Kaaba. A cube-shaped monument, the Kaaba is the holiest shrine in Islam and the place where millions of Muslims come to pray especially in the month of pilgrimages. Indeed, the Grand Mosque has a rectangular-shaped square where prayers are usually done and the Kaaba is situated. It went under several modifications, like adding new construction, expanding the area several times, and modernizing the architecture. Today, this holy structure accommodates millions of worshippers around the world and is one of Saudi Arabia's famous places and attractions.


    Called also the luminous city, the second holiest city in Saudi Arabia, Medina is the place where the Islamic community was established and where the prophet Muhamad’s body is kept. The prophet’s mosque, where his body was placed, was built in Medina and it went through many renovations and was repaired by several Sultans. Its interior is adorned with mosaic, while iron and concrete material were used to complete it. Medina is a dream for every Muslim. Millions of pilgrims travel to it each year due to its sacred significance.


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