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15 Unique Home decoration ideas for Modern living room

Living in the modern world requires you to be constantly catching up on new trends, especially home decor. If you’re doing a  living room renovation or designing from scratch, here are some unique living room design ideas for you to try!

Beirut Kitchen, A seat at a table

After the tragedy of August 4th 2020 in Beirut Lebanon, more than 300 000 people were left without shelter and basic needs for survival. For that, i decided to design a project that would provide the people of Beirut with a shelter and essential needs.

The Next Big Thing in Home Décor

 – The key tweaks to personalize interiors and feel your lookalike home experience in 2021 – With each new season, come new emerging Home Décor trends that entice us to upgrade our homes rather than replacing them. Simply because who needs an extra layer of move-out and move-in headache on many levels?Here at Casadar, we understand your needs. For that, we corralled top Home Décor trends showcased in 20 photos we picked – that will reshape your homes during these downcast times to lighten up your inner world.

World’s Most Expensive House

Antilia is the world most expensive house, The cost of this residential castle was one billion dollars in one of the poorest capitals in the world. Today it's value is above $2.2 billion.

Style your home with these 25 Mediterranean interior décor ideas

Mediterranean style design is inspired by countries located on the Mediterranean shore. It has become a top design choice for minimalism fanatics. If you’re looking for interior decor ideas to make your house stand out, brace yourself for some outstanding Mediterranean interior room decor ideas coming your way! 

Creating Modern Arabic Interior Design in 15 Simple Steps

Modern Arabic Interior Design is a lifestyle expression of the generation of today When it comes to Interior Design, it’s not as easy as it seems to choose which direction of style you’ll go with and you’ll definitely get dizzy searching in every corner of the world to find your best style. For that, we’ve done a tour around the globe and chose one of the most iconic Interior styles – just for you!

When it comes to creating a cutting-edge smart home, even if you're the type who enjoys DIY projects, there's always a moment when a fresh perspective can elevate your ideas

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you'll find a treasure trove of insights and ideas in Smart Home blogs.

Before you embark on your next smart home project, consider the power of ideas and inspiration from these blogs.

They are the key to transforming your living space into a technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing haven.

By browsing through a variety of blogs, you can explore smart home concepts, discover the best lighting solutions,

and gain insights into creating an organized and efficient kitchen organization system.

Smart Home blogs offer more than just ideas; they provide knowledge that can help you make informed decisions before purchasing, renovating, or building your smart home.

These blogs bridge the gap between imagination and realization, empowering you to create a home that seamlessly integrates technology and design.

As you delve into these blogs, you'll realize the importance of aligning your smart home with your unique lifestyle and preferences.

Blogs provide expert advice and insights, helping you navigate the intricate world of home automation and smart living,

ensuring that your space not only functions efficiently but also reflects your personal style.

So, whether you're automating your lighting, planning a more efficient workspace with a desktop computer table and office desk, or exploring the latest innovations

like a digital wall clock, remember that Smart Home blogs can be your trusted companions in your quest for the perfect smart living space.

Start your journey by exploring these online resources and open up a world of inspiration and ideas, making your dream smart home a reality, one blog post at a time.

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