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15 Cozy Places Ideas from Reddit

Coziness has many different meanings, changing between people, mainly because it is a feeling that we have towards certain items. 

The Next Big Thing in Home Décor

 – The key tweaks to personalize interiors and feel your lookalike home experience in 2021 – With each new season, come new emerging Home Décor trends that entice us to upgrade our homes rather than replacing them. Simply because who needs an extra layer of move-out and move-in headache on many levels?Here at Casadar, we understand your needs. For that, we corralled top Home Décor trends showcased in 20 photos we picked – that will reshape your homes during these downcast times to lighten up your inner world.

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This Week’s Top Home Decoration Accessories Available Online

Accessories are the little details that have the power to restyle your living room or any room in your home, and most importantly – help in making it feel more comfortable. 

Home Decor Expectations vs. Reality

At times, the reality of interior home decor ideas tends to be nicer in a way you feel amazed and satisfied that you get the courage to list them as “before” and “after” transformation rather than expectation vs. reality.

How to Revamp your WFH Space without Hiring an Interior Designer in Dubai

 Doesn’t matter if you have a dedicated corner for work in your bedroom or living room or you have an office room at home. You’re definitely sick of the boring look and feel of your home office by now. So, it’s time to give your working space at home, an interior makeover to improve productivity with these top recommendations without the need to hire an interior designer in Dubai.

Creating Modern Arabic Interior Design in 15 Simple Steps

Modern Arabic Interior Design is a lifestyle expression of the generation of today When it comes to Interior Design, it’s not as easy as it seems to choose which direction of style you’ll go with and you’ll definitely get dizzy searching in every corner of the world to find your best style. For that, we’ve done a tour around the globe and chose one of the most iconic Interior styles – just for you!

20 Uniquely Fresh Living Room Color Ideas

Make your living room feel alive and fresh with the right colors A living room, as its name means, is the center and most important space in the home – for living the inside life with ourselves, our families and friends. It is where we spend the most time with our family and where we welcome all our guests throughout life’s occasions. 

33 Best Arabian Decor Ideas for modern home interiors

Arabian decor is a captivating fusion of vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and exotic influences that can transform your modern home interiors into a stylish oasis. From wall clocks and canvas paintings to antique mirrors and office desks, there are numerous Arabian-inspired decor ideas to choose from.

Curb Appeal Tips for Italian-Interior Design Home

How Can a Curb Enhance Your House?The first impression anyone can have on a house depends by 80% on the curb. It is the first thing you see once you look at the house, and it controls the general vibe of the apartment. For example, having an attractive, smart and green curb aids real estate agencies with selling a house quickly and for high prices. It determines what one can expect about the home interior design.