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How to create a Boho Home Décor

Boho decor includes an eclectic mix of textures, colors, hues, and shades, giving a sense of laidback vibes.

  • How to create a Boho Home Décor
  • How to create a Boho Home Décor
  • How to create a Boho Home Décor
How to create a Boho Home Décor
How to create a Boho Home Décor
How to create a Boho Home Décor


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    How to create a Boho Home Décor


    Daring and colorful patterns are a hallmark of boho decor home decoration. In today's words, boho is used to define unconventional and artistic decor styles. However, it may help to learn the roots of the boho style so you can implement the Bohemian vibes and culture at your place. First, bohemians are gypsies, a group of people who traveled from Bohemia, Czech Republic. After that, ‘bohemian’ referred to any artist, or writer, or musician who led a poor and nomadic lifestyle, moving around Europe. When it comes to decoration, boho style combines bold, atypical, and relaxed items, including natural elements as well. The modern boho style is eclectic and focuses on vintage and ethnic 60's decoration pieces. Below are the top 7 ways to embrace the bohemian style all over your house.



    1. Mixing and combining


    There are no rules for creating a bohemian-styled space. All you need to do is to mix lots of patterns and bright colors, adding some ethnic patterns, tribal prints for example. However, if you do not like bright colors, don't worry, you still can apply boho at your house, just opting for a subdued mix of colors like olive, rusty orange, green, mustard yellow, etc.


    Even in the boho living room like this one featured in @boholifeincolors, you can still add some colors through plants and flowers, that way, you will still preserve your not-too-brightly-colored-room style, adding instead colors in a natural way.






    2. Go global...


    Since the Bohemian style has to do with wandering writers, musicians, and artists, it may be convenient to add global accents to your bohemian-inspired home. Either you can bring in souvenirs referring to different countries and cultures, just like the vintage giraffe put on sale by @bohochino, or you can buy yourself a vintage globe where all the countries are there, reminding you of the wandering nomads back then. 




    3. ...or go Casual


    it is preferable to keep things casual as boho areas are not usually overelaborate. So, go ahead and throw some cushions on the floor next to some poufs, turning the space into a conversation starter, encouraging reading, listening to music, etc. You can see that in @boholifeincolors post. You can also go for a Boho wall décor, which will become the spotlight in the room.







    4. Emphasize culture


    The minute you decided on adopting a boho room décor, you are allowed to stock as many books as you like everywhere in the room, mixing them with art, echoing the lifestyle of bohemian wanderers, who owned books more than clothing. You can put books on the coffee table, design a gallery wall, arranging them in the way that you find best, since there are no rules to that, resulting in something like organized chaos, as shown in this shot by @oniandbau, an antique shop that sells curated vintage for every budget!





    5. Bohemian colors


    As we mentioned many times earlier, there are no rules to decorate “bohemianly”. As for the colors, warm earthy ones are the usual bohemian colors, alongside metallic and jewel tones. For example, you can use base colors such as green, gray, brown, and add some purple, or fiery orange as accessories. Don’t be afraid of mixing colors and patterns, even if it doesn’t seem conventional mixing. @mango_manor below depicts a bit the idea of mixing bohemian colors.





    6. Lighting 


    To unify your boho room and add some warm vibes, use understated lighting through many lanterns, candles, lamps, which come in multiple shapes and forms. We can see the effect of light from many sources on the overall feel of the room designed by @chic_home, a home design company, that specializes in home decor, especially boho style.





    7. Nature


    Since gypsies and bohemians spent most of their time in the nature, the natural world is a must in a boho house. So, get “naturey” and start hanging plants, and adding ferns here and there! Plants provide the room with vibrancy and improve as well the quality of the air!