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Ideas for European modern interior design

European modern interior design features a mix of traditional and modern styles. Some qualities of the European decor style would be a smooth, flat surface-cabinet, with no hardware, inspired most of the time by minimalism and Scandinavian trends. 

  • Ideas for European modern interior design
  • Ideas for European modern interior design
  • Ideas for European modern interior design
Ideas for European modern interior design
Ideas for European modern interior design
Ideas for European modern interior design


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    The color schemes are often subdued and understated, with a focus on neutrals. Walls and floors in most European décor style, along with the floors, are made up of large sized tiles. This style is also recognized for its clean and simple lines. Therefore, if you are influenced by European modern interior design, then you should include wood framed couches and chairs, alongside heavily colored and textured cushions. Rooms should be inviting yet formal, with a lived-in feel. You should also consider avoiding built-in shelves, and include instead self-supporting cabinets. European cottage house plans, for example, often have the old-world atmosphere of European elegance, mixed with the feel of American farmhouses. If you want to apply this whole design to your house, check the following!

     European decor elements

    Animal prints and fabrics are a must in a European-decorated house. Leather and fabric are also a feature of this design style. You can also add woven shades, bamboo, wicker, and unusable trunks. You should have in mind, when decorating in European, that old world interior design stem from Spain, Italy, and France.  Check this animal-printed chair from @vintique_upholstery, a furniture addict with a variety of chairs and sofas. 







    Go neutral

    Neutral colors give an elegant, calm, and casual feel, just another feature of European-inspired houses! In these houses, you could easily detect sisal, wood, cottons, linens, and fur, loading the room with layers and more layers! You can feel this atmosphere when you look at this shot from @cottonhousecoffe, specialized in fashion and interiors.




     What about Kitchens?

    Complex island dining. Mixing metals and hardware. Lighting and plumbing. Repeating arches. All of these are features of European kitchen, giving a softness feel, and interest to the curious ones! Check out this kitchen from @thuispiratie, an interior specialist, with a focus on Scandinavian interiors.





    Go Italian

    Check out the way Italian and French villas merged modern with classic, and you will understand how European style works! Modern cabinets with marble counters are the perfect match! Get inspired with this Italian agape tub master bath from @architecture_stigmi, an interactive media platform and architectural cohort, and get a feel of an Italian twist for your European modern bathroom.




     Scandi Palette

    Nordic palettes will do! Walls painted white or powder gray, matched with pale woods, darker grays, and an inflection of icy cool blues. This scene is nothing but a European living room! You will be able to picture this scene if you take a look at this simple Nordic-palette corner from @alexanderjcollins, an experienced photograph!





    Color with hart 

    If you stick to a Nordic and Scandinavian palette, your home will be filled with neutrality. Therefore, you may add some colors and life around your house, allowing rooms to harmoniously flow onto each other with a clean background for art. You could add canvases, artwork, with oak-framed prints for example. That way, colors will come from the art not the interior palette, and you will still be adopting European interior design. There is no a specific style of art that you should incorporate, you could for example opt for this wonderful artwork from @huis.in.drenthe, an artist whose works match the Scandinavian feel we are talking about!




     Go monochrome, for a more modern marble

    Marble could lose its modern feel if used in colors. So, keep it monochrome, using a pale white and gray marble, or black, and adding colors elsewhere in the room, if you felt that it may come off a little cold like that, in order to heat things up. Marble is wonderful in bathrooms, adding a very Scandi and modern touch to the room, and you could place a white cabinet, which will look wonderful with a black-colored marble! Check this bathroom out for more inspiration, from @houseofnomaddesign, a BOB Award winner interior design studio, and best interior designer in CLT!