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Arabs Best Interior Designers Firms Ranked

Chances are you have already gone through thousands of millions of interior designers’ firms and trends all over social media, be they European or American best interior designers’ firms. However, hey, Instagram is not short on accounts of Arab interior designers to inspire you for your next modern living rooms makeover or your bedroom renovation.

  • Arabs Best Interior Designers Firms Ranked
  • Arabs Best Interior Designers Firms Ranked
  • Arabs Best Interior Designers Firms Ranked
  • Arabs Best Interior Designers Firms Ranked
Arabs Best Interior Designers Firms Ranked
Arabs Best Interior Designers Firms Ranked
Arabs Best Interior Designers Firms Ranked
Arabs Best Interior Designers Firms Ranked


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    However, most of the region’s talented interior designers’ firms and studios have probably been tucked away, which is why, we thought it may be time to get familiar with them. Whether based in the Arab region, Dubai, Egypt, or somewhere else in the world, Arab designers’ firms and individuals have a special taste in harmonizing forms and colors that stand out from the crowd! Some include Arab twists to their designs, infusing their Arab identity in the materials and the forms of the furnishings, while others adopt a very different character. You will see how the works of the designers have the same vibe flowing in their designs, and the almost same color palette prevailing in all their pieces.


    In this blog, we have reunited the most stunning Arabs best interior designers’ firms, for you to admire and meditate! You can invest in further research in the designs of the creator you feel most attracted to!


    #F79646 ;">1. Richard Yasmine 






    A Lebanese interior architect and product designer. This talented artist gets his inspiration from his imaginary world, designing objects inspired of the human body and physiology, and of everyday life, which he considers as his muse. Richard dares sometimes to create provocative designs that the viewers do not expect. These extreme designs show reality as is, without disguising any feature of it. 


    #F79646 ;">2. Mustafa Khamash








    Mustafa Khamash has worked as a personal design advisor to top-notch UAE government leaders, designing several UAE ministries’ interior in the Emirates Towers, as well as palaces and residences. He used to work within the most renowned firms, before founding Kart Group in 2004, his Dubai-based interior design company. Over the past 14 years, Mustafa has launched projects in the GCC countries, Italy, Russia, and Austria. 


    #F79646 ;">3. Zoubeida Chtiba


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    This Tunisian interior designer follows a modern and simple approach, turning every room into a relaxing modern living room with the warm hues and enormous mirrors she inserts.


    #F79646 ;">4. Abboud Malak



    Malak works intuitively and follow his senses, embracing a minimalist and architectural approach in design. As he adopts a monochromatic method, you can feel the space of the room filled in a unified color palette, giving the space an air of simplicity and chic. In an interview with Interior Design website, Abboud Malak explained: “We don’t like to limit ourselves to a certain genre—rather, we prefer to focus on creating timeless spaces where form, function, and comfort are in harmony. We like to leave room for play and intentional experimentation.” Designer Malak believes later on in this interview that the warm minimalism he abides by is the cure to the stress of the present fast-paced world we currently live in. The above-picture depicts one of the best interor design office concepts Malak has created.



    #F79646 ;">5. Rabih Geha




    Geha is known for the vertical lines and arcs he plays with, making spaces look elongated. This Lebanon-based interior designer uses silky textures and bold color shades in a simple and contemporaneous way. Geha leads, since 2006, a large team of architects and interior designers, Rabih Geha Architects, based in Lebanon. In the last few years, Geha expanded his expertise and skills to Nigeria, UAE, KSA and Qatar. When Covid-19 hit the world, Geha embarked on new experiments in design, not allowing the pandemic to stop him from advancing.


    #F79646 ;">6. Stella and the Stars




    Emily, a French interior designer, has a wonderful boutique interior design studio based in Dubai. Throughout her work, you can note that she is obsessed with pink neon signs, colorful home/ room decor and anything with an animal print!


    #F79646 ;">7. White Haven Décor





    Dubai Home Stylist Cynthia Salloum is a Lebanese designer. Cynthia’s villa in Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT), Dubai, is a sanctuary of layered natural textures and Scandinavian tones, honey woods and heavenly whites! She gets most of her inspiration from all the handmade splendor that you can find in Bali, Morocco and Africa.


    #F79646 ;">8. Mona Hajj Interiors




    Mona Hajj Interiors is a complete design studio, providing her clients with interior planning, custom cabinetry/ cabinet storage and furnishings and a selection of fine art.

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