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10 Fresh Home decor ideas for your living room

Looking for some newer items to decorate your living room? Here are 10 home décor ideas to liven it up a bit!  

  • 10 Fresh Home decor ideas for your living room
  • 10 Fresh Home decor ideas for your living room
  • 10 Fresh Home decor ideas for your living room
  • 10 Fresh Home decor ideas for your living room
  • 10 Fresh Home decor ideas for your living room
  • 10 Fresh Home decor ideas for your living room
  • 10 Fresh Home decor ideas for your living room
  • 10 Fresh Home decor ideas for your living room
  • 10 Fresh Home decor ideas for your living room
  • 10 Fresh Home decor ideas for your living room


    Coffee table that stands out


    The coffee table is the center piece of the living room, and as such will be within eyesight no matter where you sit inside the room. A weird or unique coffee table would be great for that, and is also interesting conversation material for your guests, or a fun ice breaker. If the table itself is not attractive, you could also decorate it with different items, like plants, glassware, vases, or with a bright tablecloth, preferably a bit different than the rest of the room theme. 

    Hanging chair


    Hanging chairs are usually placed outside, in your backyard, but placing them in the living room is gaining popularity among millennials these days and is considered very cool, especially because of the hammock feel that they have. They also come in many different styles, to suit whatever living room you might have. They are also great to sit in and relax, read a book or to take a quick nap. Depending on which chair you are getting, these could also save you some space, but are mostly hard to move around, so you should carefully decide where to place them from the get-go.

    Wall-mounted speakers 


    Usually, sound systems take up a lot of space in a room, and have a mechanical look. But Bang & Olufsen, a high-end Danish electronics manufacturer, have solved these issues with their Beosound product line. These speakers are very high end and fashionable, with a wide range of colors to choose from, and allows you to customize what shape and what audio devices you want to set up in your house. Being a high-end product line, the package will cost upwards of US $4,000, for four speakers, two dampers, one amplifier and an audio core to manage them all.

    Wall plants


    Plant pots can also be wall-mounted these days, and come in different colors and shapes, some even being transparent to show the soil and roots of the home plant you are growing, like the Nova rounded Planters, available at many different retailers. These planters are mostly made for succulents, a small plant type that does not require much care and water and such, and come with their own white stones for the succulents to be planted in. 

    Barn door


    Usually, your living rooms’ door will rarely be closed, which is why some interior designers have decided to use barn doors in living rooms in order to save space, and gain freedom with the doors, seeing as the sliding door could be designed around the room as well. While the usual doors swing open, a lot of space is dedicated to them, and most time furniture should be kept away to keep both of them safe from banging and bruising. Sliding barn doors do not have this issue, they simply need a few inches in front of the wall they are stuck to, and will fit behind most furniture you put next to it. 

    Floor pillows


    If you ever need extra seating, but feel like the room is already cluttered enough, you should look towards floor pillows. They are easy to move and to tidy up, and can be used anywhere else in your house as well. Consider them like the standard plastic chairs you use whenever you need an extra seat or two momentarily in a room, except these are more modern, more exciting and much more comfortable. Sizes and colors will vary, and this benefits you to choose them depending on your house décor. You could also find some floor pillows that could be used as throw pillows on your couch whenever they’re not on the floor.

    Manage your space 


    Many newer furniture allows you to pack other things inside of it, like even nesting tables (that can be put in each other to save space), and these come in handy when dealing with a smaller room. You could also have a couch that opens up to store things into, like blankets and pillows, or other trinkets you could use there every once in a while. This kind of furniture should even be used when your living room is big, to reduce clutter as much as possible, and making it feel fresher and loose. 

    Multipurpose furniture


    We also have furniture that is basically a two-in-one deal, where your endless combinations are possible, and this guarantees to surprise your guests. For example, we all know sofa-beds, sofas that can open and become a somewhat comfortable bed, these days we also have living room tables that can transform into a bed, or sofa chairs with shelves on the side for books, pictures and other small decorations, and of course, living room tables with drawers to store stuff in.

    Make it yours


    You should always keep in mind that the aspect that sets your living room apart from other peoples’ living rooms is your own personal touch, and the best way to show that is to add some personal belongings, like family pictures, some musical instruments you can play, decorations showing some of your achievements as well, like a page from a newspaper with your article published inside, or even a jigsaw puzzle you have completed and decided to frame. These all hold stories dear to you, and using them in your living room shows that you are proud of them. 



    Decorating your living room shouldn’t only take into account how it looks like, but also what it smells and feels like. Scented candles can set the mood of your room, by using springtime and flowery odors for example during spring or summer, and you could also have candles that work at any time, like light vanilla scents. They also come in different sizes and shapes, as well as colors which allows you to fit them into your décor quite easily. 


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