Red Carpet

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Product Description

PATTERN: A red beautiful vintage patterned rug, great for an Arabic home's traditional living room, and in an interior stone design. The powerful red with the blue patterns attracts the viewer’s attention.

PLACES OF DISPLAY: The gentle touch of our vintage rug gives a warm and inviting ambiance in your house without deviating too far from the Arab origins, can be used in living, dining, rooms, or even under coffee tables

HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE: This rug is of high quality, and it can be cleaned multiple times without the risk of thinning texture or fading color. You can keep this rug for a long time because of the material that supports it moving around and being used daily.

RISK-FREE PURCHASE: We pursue quality and provide professional after-sales support. If you have any problem with this rug, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Length 298 CM
Width 204 CM
Height 30 CM