Dark Wood Bench

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Product Description

  1. [Bench] High quality certified Eucalyptus bench in a rich wood-brown color. This bench will make your outdoors an elegant space to enjoy with family and friends
  2. [Sturdy & Durable Design] Amazonia products can be left outside throughout the year and can withstand all types of weather, but it is recommended that they are treated with a wood sealer oil to maintain the golden-reddish finish
  3. [Comfortable & Convenient] This bench is lightweight making it easy to move around and store
  4. [Storage During Winter] When storing this product, do not put in rooms that are centrally heated, as this will cause the wood to dry out and possibly shrink and crack. Cool, well-ventilated sheds are the most suitable location
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Length 182 CM
Width 40 CM
Height 45 CM