Brown Sink Design

Product Description

Bathrooms can be calm and relaxing, even on weekday mornings. They are made to be functional for your daily use and should be as well pretty and match your house style.

  1. These belly sinks are made of marble, which has good hardness, durability and wear resistance.
  2. It gives an attractive and wonderful look in homes with small guest bathrooms
  3. White belly sink incurstrated in wood set up.
  4. Marble washbasins are of higher quality and durability than other types, as they are more difficult to break.
  5. Allows the addition of cabinets, and shelves around it.
  6. Cleaning and polishing methods are available, and easy, and do not require time and effort, and this is what distinguishes it most from others
  7. price per meter 1950 saudi riyal (520$)



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