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15 Unique Home decoration ideas for Modern living room

Living in the modern world requires you to be constantly catching up on new trends, especially home décor. If you’re doing a living room renovation or designing from scratch, here are some unique living room design ideas for a modern and elegant living room.

  • 15 Unique Home decoration ideas for Modern living room
  • 15 Unique Home decoration ideas for Modern living room
  • 15 Unique Home decoration ideas for Modern living room
  • 15 Unique Home decoration ideas for Modern living room
  • 15 Unique Home decoration ideas for Modern living room


    1. Choose your furniture right

    The new age is all about comfort and functionality; choose large comfortable couches with puffy pillows and soft materials, as well as multi-purpose furniture pieces that have more than just one use and will save you a lot of floor space.

    2. Minimalism

    You don’t need all this unnecessary furniture that will make it harder on you to clean or to move and pack up a lot of dust. For a modern look, avoid clutter and invest in essential, high quality items that will give your room an elegant look without crowding it.

    3. Neutral colors

    Neutral colors never go out of style; they have been there for a long time now and they continue to be incorporated in all styles. Colors like off-white, beige or gray are key to a timelessly elegant living room.

    4. Contemporary style

    Combining the 3 previous tips altogether; comfort, minimalism and neutral colors helps you achieve the famous trendy contemporary style; add to that well defined layouts and a lot of texture.

    5. Yellow and gray

    This combination is a buzzing trend in modern interior décor; choose grey furniture with yellow cushions for example or a set of yellow and gray couches while keeping the yellow minimal to preserve the relaxing soft mood.

    6. Eliminate zones

    Interior designers today are leaning towards open spaces and making the house one big connected place. The common designs now discard the wall between the living and dining rooms, and make it one large open space.

    7. Blue and brown

    Earthy colors like brown are taking over modern interior, but blue has always been there; These classic colors can be combined together in living room design, while keeping a minimal decor, for a classic yet modern look.

    8. Create a lounge area

    It is no longer a need to separate zones as we already pointed out. You can now design a bar with high chairs to create a lounge area for dining, coffee and good times with friends; all in your living room!

    9. Abstract art

    Art can take your living room to the next level; for a modern style opt for abstract art and paintings like graphic face lines. You can choose colorful paintings if your room is neutral, to give it a pop of color.

    10. Invest in a T.V unit

    If you choose it right, a T.V unit can be a focal point in your living room; people have moved past the console and are now giving the T.V spot more design attention. Invest in quality wood, shapely design T.V unit and notice how it lifts up the whole style.

    11. Lighting

    Lighting plays a major role in your room design and giving it attention will dramatically upgrade the style; modern interiors eliminated the traditional light bulb and replaced with beautifully designed lamps. Opt for lamps with exotic designs and shapes for a relaxing and classy living room.

    12. Bring in some greenery

    Plants are key players in modern designs; they promote freshness and comfort and an overall cozy vibe. Place short plants on your coffee table or shelves, and long ones in the corners or behind the furniture.

    13. Mix it up

    If you’re renovating, you don’t have to throw away everything; keep your classic vintage furniture and do the touch up on the walls and accessories like fresh paint, adding wall shelves, a modern design table or a modern eye-catching statement piece to invert the focus away from the furniture.

    14. Velvet

    For people of class, velvet is a top choice. It has been used in living room designs for long and continues to be a top option in modern interior. This material is bit expensive but you won’t regret it; velvet furniture will definitely give a royalty touch to your room.

    15. Incorporate metal

    Metal popped out with the rise of industrial style and eventually made its way into all modern design styles; metal items and furniture with a metal frame are currently a buzzing trend. In this beautiful industrial style living room we notice the use of metal chairs, metal shelves and even metal lamp designs.


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