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World’s Most Expensive House

Antilia is the world most expensive house, The cost of this residential castle was one billion dollars in one of the poorest capitals in the world. Today it's value is above $2.2 billion.

  • World’s Most Expensive House
  • World’s Most Expensive House
  • World’s Most Expensive House
  • World’s Most Expensive House
  • World’s Most Expensive House
  • World’s Most Expensive House
  • World’s Most Expensive House
  • World’s Most Expensive House
  • World’s Most Expensive House
  • World’s Most Expensive House
  • World’s Most Expensive House


    India's business tycoon Mukesh Ambani has been on the top of the international news recently, after having raised $ 13.6 billion since last April by selling 22% of his new company, Jio Communications, attracting global corporations. 

    Ambani is the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries oil and gas giant, managed to continue his success story during the Coronavirus pandemic where most of the world's companies suffers from financial losses and difficulties.
    Ambani is the wealthiest man in Asia, with an estimated wealth of $ 53.1 billion.

    Antilia .. Ambani Castle
    In 2012, Ambani moved to his new palace. Antilia. The building is named after the mythical island Antil.  It is located on Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill in Mumbai.
    The cost of this residential castle was one billion dollars in one of the poorest capitals in the world.
    As of May 2020, it is valued at $2.2 billion, deemed to be the world's second most valuable residential property, after British crown property Buckingham Palace, and the world's most valuable private residence

    Most Elaborate Private Homes 

    The residence of Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani and his family, at 27-storeys, 173 meters tall, over 400,000 square feet (37,161 square meters), and with amenities such as three helipads, a 168-car garage, a ballroom, 50 seat theater, terrace gardens, spa, and a temple, the skyscraper-mansion is one of world's largest and most elaborate private homes. 

    Its controversial design and ostentatious use by a single family has made it infamous in India and beyond, including severe criticism in the architectural press and mockery in popular media. 

    It took seven years to build the legendary palace. Antilia started building in 2006 and was built in consultation with US architecture firms Perkins and Will & Hirsch Bedner Associates, with the Australian-based construction company Leighton Contractors initially taking charge of its construction.

    The Land Area Exceeds Versailles Palace Gardens
    The land area around the tower exceeds the area surrounding Versailles Palace near Paris, 4,532-square-metre land on which Antilla was built housed an orphanage called Currimbhoy Ebrahim Khoja Yateemkhana with 60 orphans, and belonged to a charity run by the Wakf board.

    "Antilia" is distinguished by its height ceiling, which is twice the height of the roofs of other buildings in the region, bringing the height of the 27-storey tower to 173 meters, which usually represents a bug of 60 floors.
    The Ambani building also includes 9 elevators and 6 floors designated as parking spaces.
    Antilia includes a 4 storey hanging garden whose design draws inspiration from the hanging gardens of Babylon. This garden helps to keep the temperatures inside the apartment building nice in summer and warm in winter. The American company, "Perkins Will", the prominent architectural design company, was responsible for the design of the tower, while the "Hirsch Binder Associates" company, based in Atlanta, supervised the interior designs.
    The design of the tower was influenced by "Vastu", an ancient Indian theory of building science similar to "Feng Shui" in China, and intends to preserve the distinctive look and spirit of India in the buildings.
    Mukesh Ambani lives in his tower with his wife, Nita Ambani, his three sons and his mother, Kokilaban Ambani.

    No Similar Rooms Or Floors
    The tower includes a lot of diverse .. No similar rooms or floors… The materials used on the floor of a room are not used in other construction.
    The first 6 floors of the building include a patio for the 168 family-owned cars. The next floor is the main lobby and includes 9 elevators, some of which are private to serve the building. On the eighth floor there is a theater, while another floor includes a dance hall whose ceiling is covered by crystal chandeliers.
    Other floors include a spa, gym, dance studio, swimming pools and a car maintenance area, and guest rooms.

    Unique Picasso Painting
    The Ambani family is slated to occupy the upper 4 floors, which are estimated to be 37,000 square meters.
    The tower rises prominently in the sky over Mumbai, giving its future residents a fascinating sight that reveals all sides of the country's financial capital, as well as the Arabian Sea coast.
    From the outside, the building looks like a pile of books of various sizes.
    The building was designed to withstand 8-magnitude earthquakes and earthquakes. Mukesh Ambani used highly efficient security systems and a lot of guards to protect his expensive house. The number of workers in the service of the building and its residents is 600 people.
    The house had a unique Picasso painting; the dance hall looks amazing and a replica of "Mandarin Inn" in New York.


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