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Are You Ready For The New Reality In Restaurants? Here’s The Plex'eat Hoods

The  new trend for restaurants is The New Reality for the hospitality sector.


    “Your dinner at our restaurant is safe and protected … all out tables are provided with suspended Plex'eat hoods”.This would be the new trend for restaurants advertisement, while battling the spread of coronavirus … It is The New Reality for the hospitality sector.While the businesses are opening worldwide, and the globe have now to survive and coexist with covid-19 with measures, French designer Christophe Gernigon has created a concept of suspended plexiglass hoods, a cylinder of transparent plastic that hangs from a cable on the ceiling, much like a lampshade. A scoop cut out of the back allows diner to sit and stand up without having to bend over double, to help restaurants attracting customers again. People would sit underneath them while eating and drinking, with the hoods potentially reducing the risk of airborne infection.Christophe Gernigon, who invented the device, called the Plex’Eat, said the designs already on the market looked like booths in prison visiting rooms, so were not inviting for customers. “I wanted to make it more glamorous, more pretty,” he said.Plex'eat's proposed dimensions are 80 centimeters by 70 centimeters, although Gernigon said he is also developing larger models for couples and whole families to sit under together The design will go into production, and Gernigon said he had received interest from France, Belgium, Canada, Japan and Argentina. There are no doubt that this innovation markets itself among restaurant owners who have suffered heavy losses since the beginning of the spread of the Coronavirus, as it may be a solution to the requirements of social distancing, Diners cannot eat while wearing a surgical mask, and if some tables were removed to ensure customers are a safe distance from each other, many owners say they would not be able to make enough money to cover their costs.This dinner could be safe, but maybe not practical for a romantic dinner. Are you ready to try it?