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Wardrobe Interior Design that is Fashionable and Classy

Wardrobes are the favorite place of a girl’s bedroom. They are personal spaces. their role in the bedroom has been purely functional and practical at first. Before wardrobes came into the scene, cupboards and mirrors were doing the job in storing clothes. The first closet design was the one attached to the walls. Those one accommodate space and storage for the clothes. They are also convenient and practical. Right now, wardrobe cabinet comes in different designs. So there is no one design that fits all styles of room. They are made of different materials and different design. The most common ones are modern. 

  • Wardrobe Interior Design that is Fashionable and Classy
  • Wardrobe Interior Design that is Fashionable and Classy
  • Wardrobe Interior Design that is Fashionable and Classy
  • Wardrobe Interior Design that is Fashionable and Classy
Wardrobe Interior Design that is Fashionable and Classy
Wardrobe Interior Design that is Fashionable and Classy
Wardrobe Interior Design that is Fashionable and Classy
Wardrobe Interior Design that is Fashionable and Classy


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    Does wardrobe design evolve over the years?

    We lately tend to notice that we spend a lot of time organizing our closets. There is a lot of reasons that push us to do so. First, we tend to have a variety of tastes and styles. Plus we have an increased capacity to own clothes and accessories. That is why, we have more things to organize and free some space to store them Wardrobe cabinet now store formal, semi-formal and casual clothing. There is also the accessories, shoes, belts and scarves. With all of that to store, wardrobe is a perfect solution.

    Nowadays, they are made to be practical too. When you are rushing to go to work or are short on time, well organized wardrobes is a necessity so you can dress well on time for work or dress up for a date. 

    A well-organized wardrobe will let you overlook all your pieces so you can pick the one that suits your day. You can also add Led lights for room lighting for a better sight in the morning. You can also reorganize the whole thing quickly. 


    The contemporary design


    The contemporary design is the one that is trendy in all categories. They complement all elements such as the wood tables or glass one in your room. Your wardrobe would be then all glass, with or without frames or with a combination of textures. Your closet will be then the statement piece you are searching for. Wardrobes like any other piece must complement the look of the house and the style of the owner.

    The wardrobe must be functional for sure yet it must reflect the style of the owner. You can also design your wardrobes in a classical or modern designs. You can prioritize trims and wood finish for these styles.


    Sections to have in a wardrobe: 

     It is mandatory for it to have few essential compartments. Each one should have a place to hang clothes that needs hanging such as shirts, skirts, jackets or dresses, a space for the pieces that are usually stacked such as tshirts, winter wear, blankets… You can choose long hanging spaces and small shelves or vice versa depending on your style and what you have. drawers for cabinets are essential too, they can make your reach small corners in the back. They even let you use the lower parts of the closet which make you gain space. You can choose to have drawers with different depths depending on what you store in them. For example, accessories and watches are better stacked on small trays and your underwear’s need small drawers. Larger ones are used for pile of clothes and scarves.

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    Other than those compartments are additional elements you choose to incorporate. One of those element could be a mirror. Mirror and lacquered glass finish ones are super easy to clean and maintain, make the room appear larger and give it a premium contemporary look.

    All you need to know about walk in closets and how to design them 

    Closet wardrobes are a popular and necessary element in your bedroom. The design and how much it fits depend mainly on the space you have. You can have a walk in closets as it properly indicate or a fully open one with door. You can give the perception of having a walk in closet by having closed units in space.

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    Are Girl’s Wardrobe different than boy’s ones?

    In fact, yes! Girls wardrobes have different designs than the ones of a boy’s closet.   His and her wardrobes differs in term of compositions. Men usually have more shirts trousers and jackets that they need to hang. Therefore, the hanging space of the closet must be bigger. Few shelves and a couple of drawers for belts and tees usually enough too. Women usually buy more skirts, shirts, short and long dresses. So they will need also short, medium and long hanging spaces. You will also need hooks and shelves for scarves and accessories. Drawers are also essential for small accessories and undies. 

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    The 2022 trends

    A clean, minimalist look for a clutter-free and better organised space is what will define 2022. They are becoming as important as other spaces in the house. They are being treated like spaces in themselves and getting the attention they rightly deserve. A good one helps you begin your day trendy and stylishly. Wardrobes are a necessity in planning a home transformation, your closet must feature in it prominently. 






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