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Top 10 ways consumer behaviors affects eCommerce

COVID-19 has shaped very quickly the consumer behavior and has affected their purchases and how they pay for their products. For the past decade or so, consumer behavior patterns were turning around security, value, convenience, and availability. Did this change drastically this year? Even though now we are saying goodbye to the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping is still here to stay. It is a popular way to shop and it is taking the lead over retail. You don’t have to go out anymore to buy bathroom tiles and bathroom cabinets or storage cabinets or even implement that curtain designs you saw on Pinterest.  The future of e-Commerce has changed in 2021 with enormous consumer behavior impact e-Commerce.

  • Top 10 ways consumer behaviors affects eCommerce
  • Top 10 ways consumer behaviors affects eCommerce
  • Top 10 ways consumer behaviors affects eCommerce
Top 10 ways consumer behaviors affects eCommerce
Top 10 ways consumer behaviors affects eCommerce
Top 10 ways consumer behaviors affects eCommerce


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    What is online shopper behavior?

    Online Consumer behavior is how the shopper thinks before purchasing a product online. The consumer has ever-evolving expectations and needs. At first, consumers were only looking for food or mobile devices. Now, they search for bathroom cabinets and bathroom tiles, curtain designs. The new expectations currently drive online consumer behavior. 

    Product availability, delivery transparency, affordable shipping and convenience are key to a positive customer experience.

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    How COVID-19 transformed on-line shopping behavior

    Once Covid-19 hit, many retail stores had to close their doors and moved into ecommerce.  In 2020, 84% more customers shopped on-line. Online stores were overwhelmed. Products sold out rapidly, fast shipping and delivery were delayed more stored went on the wagon of online delivery and transformed consumer expectations.

    Consumers discovered positive experience in on-line shopping that they loved and that wasn’t  available in the retail  shopping experience. These positive digital shopping experiences further encouraged new trends in shopper behaviors to take a steadfast hold. 

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    Shopper Behavior in 2021

    Consumers, as they like any citizen of this earth, had to adapt to a very changing world in the past years. Their behaviors have evolved accordingly for ecommerce, the shift of consumers to digital media was essential, but consumer behavior in e-commerce was formed or changed as a result of this move.

    Digital shopping is a preferred tool for customers who always search for affordability and availability on time.

    E-commerce also offers shoppers access to information, the opportunity to browse on different devices and the ability to share their experience with others, which has totally changed their preferences and the way they shop. 

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    Top 10 ways consumer behaviors affect e-commerce

    1. Ease of Access:

    The ease of use of digital shops have attracted shoppers form all ages and will continue to retain their customers while attracting potential ones. 

    2. You can find everything digital.

    Food, fashion, and electronics were not the only things shoppers could buy online and bring to their doorstep. Grocery, storage cabinetsand even car parts have been added to the list.

    2. Personalized Experience

    Shopper expects a smooth personal experience that is reliable no matter what they are looking for. 

    4.  No physical contact or human communication

    The first thing that pushed people for digital is the lack of physical contact to avoid the spread of the virus, and this has to continue. 

    5. Fast delivery

    Consumers expect fast delivery specially for food, household items and health related ones.

    6. Free Shipping

    Consumers expects free delivery to anything that is low cost. 

    7. Online Payment

    Consumers are looking now for digital and contact less payment. This has even been seen in retail stores and is sure a faster payment.  

    8. Availability Offline And Digital

    Shoppers do not want to give up on the local shops they are used to. So buying online from smaller brands is also a feature consumers are looking for.

    9. Ordering Extra and Less Frequently

    By avoiding any social contact, buyers tend to buy and order a lot less frequently.


    10. The Use of Social Media

    Social media use will not slow down in 2021, and advertisers will have to advertise on social media, such as Instagram, as people buy what they saw.