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Top 10 Modern kitchen ideas blogs

Kitchen design is a world full of inspiration and ideas, and this explains why there are multiple kitchen blogs out there, dedicated to kitchen and everything related to it, led by people passionate about kitchen design and furnishings! Kitchen is actually the core room in a house. There, you prepare your everyday meals, you meet to grab some coffee, you sit down for a special treat, you prepare a cake with your beloved one, you watch TV and eat, and many other activities, which give the kitchen a feel of warmth and love! Using our experience in searching, we run you through some of the best kitchen design blogs out there today, narrowing it down to the best 10! 

  • Top 10 Modern kitchen ideas blogs
  • Top 10 Modern kitchen ideas blogs
  • Top 10 Modern kitchen ideas blogs
  • Top 10 Modern kitchen ideas blogs
Top 10 Modern kitchen ideas blogs
Top 10 Modern kitchen ideas blogs
Top 10 Modern kitchen ideas blogs
Top 10 Modern kitchen ideas blogs


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     Ideal Home

    Ideal Home provides real-world advice for kitchens of all budgets. You can really get inspired about kitchen design, especially if you look up the magazine’s online version of the blog.  What is special about this blog is that it gives hand-on tips that anyone could apply to his kitchen.







    If you are looking for different designs for your kitchen, then you should consider Decoholic. Decoholic comprises a range of styles and designs for kitchen ranging from Italian to English and Bohemian styles. If you still didn’t make up your mind, then Decoholic will be your starting point.






    Stuck for modern kitchen ideas? You won’t be any more by the time you check Trendir. Trendir takes care of giving inspiration for every element in a modern kitchen, including countertops, shelves, kitchen cabinet design, and many more! So, why don’t you try for yourself and get some inspiration!






    House Beautiful 

    This blog is very easy to surf. It gives you wonderful tips on applying décor in your kitchen. Leading interior designers are actually behind that site, providing the reader with subjects relating to materials and color palettes used in a kitchen. It also includes information on technical elements of kitchen design.






     The Design Sheppard

    Interior design expert Stacey Sheppard runs this particular The Design Sheppard Blog. It is filled with eco-friendly kitchens, and kitchen design ideas for decorating kitchens. Stacey keeps pace with the latest trends and provides honest advice on many diversified kitchen topics. 





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     Wren Kitchen Blog

    Wren Kitchen Blog is written by a team at kitchen supplier Wren Kitchens. This blog has a useful selection of buying guides and installation tips, in addition to practical advice. Wren Kitchen Blog is for those who need actionable tips and kitchen design inspiration.




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    Davonport Kitchens Blog

    Davonport Kitchens Blog covers all topics you need to know about luxurious kitchens. The blog is piled up with great images of classic kitchen designs that Davonport kitchen supplier has already installed. So, the pictures are from the real world. Besides practical tips on design and style, Davonport Kitchens Blog also includes recipes.




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     The Kitchen Think

    When you read the name of the bog, you will automatically have an insight on its content. This blog has thousands of modern kitchen design, especially for newly-bought kitchens. The tips The Kitchen Think provides are very functional and practical, which makes it worth to put in your list of reference points. 




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    British Style UK 

    British Style UK is a gem of kitchen design and ideas and home design ideas as well. A wide collection of inspiration awaits you at British Style UK, of everything related to design in general, and kitchen design in particular. If you happen to be a United Kingdom – based designer or homeowner, there are a lot of ideas in there and an array of actionable tips for budget-conscious home owners.






    Homedit is a home design-driven website, but has a kitchen section apart. Rely on UK-based Homedit blog for some practical and inspirational tips and tricks.