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Tips to Keep Your Indoor Home

Whether you are thinking of installing your own indoor playground at home or you are taking them to a commercial indoor playground for kids, the safety of your children must be a top priority along them having a fun and memorable time. 

  • Tips to Keep Your Indoor Home
  • Tips to Keep Your Indoor Home
Tips to Keep Your Indoor Home
Tips to Keep Your Indoor Home


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    Design is one of the most important factors when it comes to playground safety. The market provides many indoor playground kits which a lot of them are made with poor fabrics and material and no serious design that takes into consideration safety and functionality. That’s why you should always check the authenticity and the history of the brand you are looking to buy or use. 

    Tips on how to keep your indoor playground equipment safe


    •Have regular maintenance checks on the equipment, spot the signs of damage or any wear and tear after each session and fix it as soon as possible.

    •Read the manuals that came with your play equipment and adjust anything that is not in place following the guide. 

    •Have scheduled monthly checks on the structure of the playground and its components. 

    Appropriate individual users

    •Make sure your equipment is suited to the right age category it’s going to be used by.

    •Have supervision over the equipment and make it strictly usable by the appropriate age category.

    Provide good safety surfacing

    •Be sure to provide adequate surfacing under heights, slides, climbers and swings, in case any person trips or falls.

    •A company like Soft Play®️ will be able to explain the safety of each piece of equipment to you and show you the safety regulations and standards it meets.

    General Safety measures for indoor playgrounds for kids:

    •Protect electrical outlets and plugs from children’s fingers.

    •Install smoke detectors.

    •Teach your child to not run on slippery floors. 

    •Use anti-slip stickers to prevent falls and to teach children how to walk in a safe way, e.g. along the banisters.

    •Secure sharp edges on equipment and turns with corner protectors.

    •Install door finger protection

    •Always have a first aid kit available in case of an emergency.

    •Make sure kids cannot fall from high structured equipment by enclosing the top part.

    •Have a person or more responsible for monitoring the playground in the room decor.

    Create a checklist

    Have a checklist of all the details required to enter the playground and firmly apply it. i.e.: 

    •make sure the kid is of age range to be allowed into the playground.

    •make sure no kid is carrying anything with him (sharp stuff, water, lighter etc.)

    •make sure each kid has his shoes taken off (if required)

    •make sure each kid's parent have their details provided in case they need to contact them.

    •make sure to inform the supervisors about your kid's special needs if he meets any. (Medicaments etc.)

    •make sure to inform the kids about any restriction that they should be aware of. 

    •add side table or wood table with a chair to watch the kids

    Check the reviews 

    Before taking your children to any indoor park, have a good understanding of the safety protocols and equipment that are in place. Always check reviews of the place and even then, go and check it yourself before resting your mind at ease. 

    One of the best indoor playground Dubai is FUN CITY. FUN CITY lives up to the best worldwide standards of safety and design with multiple award winnings and recognitions. It has been the best- recognized family entertainment brand across the UAE, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, and India catering to children from 1-12 years old. FUNCITY encourage children to learn whilst they play, with a variety of activities focused on their growth and development.

    Fun City forms an integral part of the society by providing a platform to children from 1-12 years old for social interactions and active play in a safe, secure and conveniently accessed location.


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